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DeLaneau  - Baselworld 2014: art rules supreme

DeLaneau Baselworld 2014: art rules supreme

Through extremely limited series or even unique pieces, DeLaneau continues to explore its vision of exclusivity through its mastery of rare artistic skills.

DeLaneau is a rare brand, dedicated to the creation of truly exceptional watches in extremely limited quantities. In 2014, that calling is reaffirmed with two new series of launches. The first exceptional means dedicated to the cause of exceptional horology is gem-setting, which is the life and soul of the Grace line. These high jewellery watches are made of white gold bracelets fully set with precious stones featuring cabochon or other cuts. They frame a dial in a colour matching that of the stones. This year, this will mean bright green demantoid garnets (the most precious kind), or diamonds of the highest qwuality. DeLaneau also offers rubies, even though they’re extremely hard to find, or a variation of blue star and pink sapphires surrounding a diamond-set ruby dial. In each instance, the time and effort spent on finding the stones and matching their colours stems from incredibly high-quality craftsmanship  transcending even that of the gem-setting itself.


DeLaneau Grace Grenats Demantoïdes


In a more feminine and uncluttered style, although just as noble, a new selection of colours is featured in the Rondo Translucent range. Skilfully guilloché dials are coated with several layers of translucent enamel. Thus coloured in olive green, tobacco brown, lavender blue or cherry red shades, they are then fired in a high temperature oven according to the Grand Feu enamelling technique. This traditional hand-crafted skill is fully mastered by DeLaneau, which applies it to the creation of a few rare and often one-of-a-kind models.


DeLaneau Rondo Translucent Meadow and Cherry


Such is also the case when DeLaneau applies itself to miniature enamel painting. The Rondo Icon admirably embodies the exceptional level of craftsmanship required by a made-to-order unique piece. A Madonna and Child occupy the central position on this model. Set against a diamond-pavé background, the Grand Feu enamel painting is enhanced by two golden halos, featuring an irregularity reminiscent of historical sacred painting techniques. The baguette-cut setting of the bezel forms a backdrop for the beauty of the Madonna and Child colours, namely the intense red of the Mother’s clothes and the vibrant blue of the Son’s dress.


DeLaneau Rondo Icône


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