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Hublot - Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto

Hublot Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto

The Big Bang dressed in camouflage!

For 50 years, Yohji Yamamoto has been offering a timeless style that transcends established notions.  Like the monochrome featured on the Big Bang GMT All Black Yohji Yamamoto, Yohji Yamamoto's iconic textiles and daring approach to motifs set the tone for the Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto. A camouflage timepiece as though deciphering a code that exists between paradox and homage. 

"Like Hublot, Yohji Yamamoto is constantly questioning the traditional tenets of the world he takes on - fashion - in his own creations," said Ricardo Guadalupe  CEO of Hublot.  "The unique character of his creations, which use surprising materials not usually used in the world of fashion,  make him a pioneer in the industry.  This stance is not dissimilar to the philosophy behind the creation of our watches. The Big Bang that he has designed with Hublot echoes our shared codes and sports its camouflage motif in a truly original way through a set of outlines, superimposed on the sapphire dial, and vulcanised on the strap – a technology that Hublot introduced to the watchmaking sector for the first time in 2019."

The Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto is released as a limited edition of 200 pieces. Its 45 mm case is cut from matt black ceramic and its sapphire dial features superimposed outlines which form biomorphic patches in an echo of the artist's camouflage motif, with his signature at 6 o'clock. The original construction of the camouflage motif extends onto the strap where each of the constituent shapes of the outline is cut out individually, assembled, and then fused together using the vulcanisation process. This is brand new technology for the watchmaking sector, reinforcing Hublot's position as the first brand to use vulcanisation in the creation of its straps.

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto © Hublot

The second strap is a black fabric option. The Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto houses the Unico manufacture movement, with a 72-hour power reserve. 

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto © Hublot

The Yohji Yamamoto signature

Tagged as anti-fashion, Yohji Yamamoto's creations are designed to raise questions, and all his collections contain this message. A master of contradiction and antagonism, Yohji Yamamoto sees the camouflage motif as the epitome of paradox, present and future clashing strikingly or blending seamlessly. As well as the initial message delivered by the camouflage print, he is reclaiming the values behind the clothes. The values of a rebellious spirit, a strong will, and cutting-edge individuality. 

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto © Hublot


An intellectual rebel at heart, designer Yohji Yamamoto has revolutionized fashion and design. Fabrics woven by artisans in Japan, mostly in black, which Yamamoto deems both modest and arrogant, are an important part of the garment making process. This camouflage print harks back to his previous work wear collection and highlights the fact that the act of choosing our clothing is an expression of our role and recognition in society. The use of this textile is a statement of respect for the artisans and contains a message about the value and preservation of the beautiful work performed by the hands and the body.  

"I am powerfully drawn to a cutting-edge approach, in the sense that it expresses a point of view that is slightly removed from traditional values," declared Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Designer. "Each collection incorporates a message about what I am feeling right now.  It is a way to invite people to question what is already there, which is something I value greatly."

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto © Hublot


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From the outset, Hublot has embodied design and innovation that differ markedly from the established watchmaking order. With the impetus provided by Jean-Claude Biver, by 2004 these values had already become the basis of a new DNA, leading the brand, which is currently headed by Ricardo Guadalupe - its CEO since 2012, to develop particularly audacious timepieces – most of them with a highly-developed sporting aspect.

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