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Omega - A guiding star

Omega A guiding star

The Omega Constellation is often overlooked in favour of the sportier models of the Bienne company, but this classic collection has a special place in modern horology.

In the rarefied world of vintage watch collectors, the Omega Speedmaster is a perennial icon, possessing the unmatched historical cachet that comes with the status of being the first watch on the moon. Military-watch enthusiasts and film buffs frequently show a penchant for the Seamaster, a watch strongly associated with the British Royal Navy — and as a result now entrenched in James Bond canon as his timekeeper of choice. Among a highly select group of horological aficionados, however, the Constellation holds the top spot in the Omega lineup.

Une étoile guidante

Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronographe Stainless Steel © Omega

Une étoile guidante

Seamaster Diver 300mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer 42mm © Omega

Created in 1952 to showcase Omega’s expertise in high-performance chronometers, the Constellation was immediately designated an elegant watch with a modern touch. Further cementing its reputation for design excellence, legendary watch designer Gérald Genta refreshed the Constellation collection in 1959, resulting in some of the most sought after models in vintage collector circles. The design of the Constellation in early years, with its slim lugs and “pie-pan” dial, persist today in the Constellation Globemaster collection, launched in 2015 as the first watch to feature Omega’s Master Chronometer status.

A guiding star

Omega Constellation 1952 © Omega

The Constellation that we all know today, with its iconic bracelet and “griffes” on either side of the bezel, was first seen in 1982. It was known as the Constellation Manhattan, and its reworked profile was an homage to the skyline of the eponymous city. Although the “griffes” are more of an aesthetic feature today, they were highly functional back in 1982, mechanically sealing the dial crystal and its gasket against the watch case in order to ensure water resistance. 

Une étoile guidante

Constellation Manhattan Co-Axial Master Chronometer 29 mm © Omega

Omega was one of the first watch brands to find international success in the field of celebrity ambassadors, and its 1995 “My Choice” campaign, featuring stars such as supermodel Cindy Crawford, catapulted the brand far beyond the domain of luxury watchmaking and made it into a household name.

One of the most iconic iterations of the Omega Constellation is the steel-and-gold model, available through the years even as bi-metal watches fell in and out of fashion. In fact, due to the company’s early entry in the North Asian market and the rapid explosion of the region’s economic strength in the first decade of the third millennium (coupled with financial downturn in Western markets), the Constellation quickly became Omega’s best-selling model worldwide and the steel-and-gold watch turned into a trending design that infiltrated the entire watch industry.

Une étoile guidante

Constellation Manhattan Quartz 28 mm © Omega

Today, the Omega Constellation remains one of the most popular collections for contemporary audiences looking for everyday elegance on the wrist, and is equally favoured by male and female clients.



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