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Urban Jürgensen - Organic forms : the bracelet of the Jürgensen One

Urban Jürgensen Organic forms : the bracelet of the Jürgensen One

In our second instalment on this significant new timepiece from Urban Jürgensen, we take a look at the bracelet.

If the bracelet on the Jürgensen One looks a bit familiar, it’s by coincidence. While it’s made by the same company that produces the distinctive bracelet for the Patek Philippe Nautilus. The origin of the design concept is completely unique. Like the case, it is made out of medical grade 1.4441 stainless steel. But a number of other things also make it stand out. 

First, there is the fact that it is integrated. In other words, it blends seamlessly with the case and lugs and helps to achieve the circle within an oval design that harks back to the very core concept and first sketches of the Jürgensen One. The individually soldered lugs on the case also help to achieve this seamless integration.

Organic forms : the bracelet of the Jürgensen One

© Urban Jürgensen

Second, the bracelet is tapered slightly so that its shape is a continuation of the curve initiated by the lugs. The result is stunning and it is worth noting the significance of this bracelet for the brand. The fact that the bracelet is tapered means that each individual link has a slightly different shape, so they cannot simply be produced in one big batch. Let’s also not forget that Urban Jürgensen has been a niche player in the watch industry for 245 years, producing less than 1,000 wrist watches with urban Jürgensen on the dial over this period. To develop such a bracelet is not only extremely complicated, it is also pretty expensive given the production volumes involved. We are nowhere near the production volumes of the Patek Philippe Nautilus, so the economies of scale are negligible. But Urban Jürgensen’s CEO Søren Jenry Petersen like to stress that he will honor all orders for the Jürgensen One within a thoroughly reasonable timeframe, the subtle message being that you won’t have to wait upwards of seven years to get your hands on one.

Far from being purely aesthetic, those-mirror polished oval centre links actually provide a valuable function, since they are articulated, which means that the bracelet is semi-flexible. This means that it fits even better to the shape of any wrist. Mr. Petersen has also applied his knowledge and experience as a watch collector to subtle hidden details on the bracelet, like the fact that slightly larger dedicated end links are available for bracelet adjustments down to few mm´s for individual fitting, without the need for overly complicated flexible clasp solutions that in almost all cases of actual wear is never used but just adds cost.

Organic forms : the bracelet of the Jürgensen One

© Urban Jürgensen

That wonderfully finished, yet skillfully hidden, butterfly clasp will only open if both the pushers on the side are pushed simultaneously, ensuring that this luxury sports watch will remain firmly attached to your wrist. In fact, once it’s on your wrist, you will probably have to summon up great will power to take it off.  


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Urban Jürgensen is one of very few watch brands that have a documented history of uninterrupted watch production that dates back over 240 years.

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