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Carl F. Bucherer

Watches of technical perfection and beauty, through tradition and the force of innovation. Carl F. Bucherer is an independent Swiss watchmaker with expertise in the production of precious contemporary watches in the premium market.


Since its formation 125 years ago, the company formed by this visionary figure has remained in the sole ownership of the Bucherer family. This continuity means that today Carl F. Bucherer is one of the oldest major Swiss watchmaking companies to be held in the ownership of the founder’s family in unbroken succession.

In 1919, returning to Lucerne from revolution-torn Germany, the sons encouraged their father to launch his own ladies’ watch collection in the Art Deco style. The perfect interplay of aesthetic appeal, technical watchmaking skills and outstanding workmanship formed the basis of the creative “mythos” that was to spring from the House of Bucherer.

To this day, the philosophy of the founder, Carl Friedrich Bucherer remains. Carl F. Bucherer concentrates on meaningful complications and ingeniously simple operability.

Carl Friedrich Bucherer sets up his first specialist shop selling watches and jewelry on Falkenplatz in Lucerne.
Carl Friedrich Bucherer launches his first ladies’ watch collection in the Art Deco style. He is one of the first to adopt the strap – at that time still a revolutionary concept.
At an early stage the brand focuses on sporty chronographs and the practical display of the big date, with two discs turning independently of each other showing the current date in generously proportioned apertures on the dial.
Carl F. Bucherer presents the CFB A1000 manufacture movement, demonstrating the brand’s innovative strength.

Entrepreneurs are people who have an idea and who dare to do something new. They follow their vision and their own path. Carl Friedrich Bucherer expertly blended tradition with innovation by blending the jeweler’s filigree craft with the watchmaker’s precision. Right up to the present day, the founder’s philosophy has been reflected in the Carl F. Bucherer brand and its timepieces. As the only watch brand to have its origins in Lucerne, Carl F. Bucherer has been able to develop in its own unique way.



“Falling in love.” With its discreet elegance and mechanical reliability, the Adamavi collection from Carl F. Bucherer represents a timeless, tried and tested classic range.


“Enthusiasm and zest for life.” With its uniquely contoured and tapered case, the Alacria ladies’ range offers the ideal basis for the creation of prestigious jewelry watches, demonstrating the high level of jewelry skills to be found at Carl F. Bucherer.


“That which is led by the hand-“. With the Manero, Carl F. Bucherer presents a range of modern classics whose beauty and elegance are skillfully combined with mechanical precision and practical functionality.


“I have achieved.” The Patravi stands for the comprehensive watchmaking know-how of Carl F. Bucherer, for technological innovation, attractive and useful additional functions, and striking design characteristics.


A retailer and a brand

Carl F. Bucherer is the eponymous brand of Carl Friedrich Bucherer, who opened his first watch and jewellery shop in Lucerne in 1888, where the Swiss brand still has its headquarters to this day. The company plays heavily on its roots, using the tagline "Made of Lucerne" and adding "Lucerne 1888" to the dial of many of its watches and the beautiful view across the lake from the old town of Lucerne in its advertising. Gold is the signature colour of the company, in addition to being the precious metal used in some of its watch cases. The brand lives alongside the Bucherer name, which has grown from a modest watch seller to a major international retail operation.

The collection is built around five pillars: Patravi, Manero, Adamavi, Pathos and Alacria, which include watches in stainless steel and gold for ladies and men.

Like many high-end Swiss watch brands, Carl F. Bucherer masters the production of its own movements. One of its watchmaking milestones is the CFB A1000 automatic movement. First introduced in 2008, it has spawned five additional variations that incorporate a number of patents, such as the dynamic shock absorption system found in this in-house movement.

A five-pillar collection

The first pillar in the collection, the Patravi, is a versatile watch that caters to a number of uses, from the simple elegance of the Autodate model for ladies to the highly sophisticated Patravi Traveltec Black for men, whose matte black case incorporates an automatic chrono movement with a GMT function. The Traveltec model is also available with a triple time zone function that is perfect for the modern globetrotter. The Scubatec within the Patravi collection is, as its name suggests, the Carl F. Bucherer diver's watch, complete with rotating graduated bezel and rubber strap and an extra-thick sapphire crystal, and comes in sizes suitable both for men and women.

The Manero line offers classic elegance, with a predominance of rose gold cases and most of the watchmaking complications, including perpetual calendar, tourbillon and moonphase. The Manero Peripheral is a signature model in the collection, since its A2050 automatic movement has a peripheral oscillating mass, while the popular Autodate function is also available in this collection.

Adamavi is an ode to ladies, offering classic designs with a round case in stainless steel or rose gold and a choice of bracelets or straps. Their appeal is intended to endure, as the meaning of their name suggests: Adamavi is derived from the Latin and means "to come to love something." The allure of the diamond is available in this collection for those seeking an extra touch of luxury.

Pathos is also geared towards ladies and its name famously alludes to a technique of persuasion. Here the aesthetic is more modern, with subtle curves and a more generous use of diamond setting to create watches that stand out on a feminine wrist. The same is true of Alacria, which uses an elongated rectangular case with elaborate fluted sides that give off a vintage vibe. Limited edition diamond versions, such as the diamond set Alacria Swan and the diamond and sapphire studded Alacria Royal Rose, have been particularly popular jewellery pieces.

Golden stars

Carl F. Bucherer uses a number of brand ambassadors to promote its watches around the world and cinemagoers have been able to view its timepieces in a number of blockbusters. Incredible hitman in both senses of the word, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has been seen wearing the Manero Autodate automatic watch for men in stainless steel, for example. In Atomic Blonde, most of the principal characters wore Carl F. Bucherer watches. Charlize Theron had a diamond set Manero Autodate automatic watch in stainless steel on her wrist. Swiss actor Daniel Bernhard, also an ambassador for the brand, wears the CentralChrono for men in stainless steel. The eclectic mix of personalities who support CEO Sacha Moeri in his tireless efforts to promote the brand include China's Li Bing Bing, local Swiss skier Wendy Holdener and, more recently, musician Brian Sacawa.

Carl F. Bucherer also supports the admirable work of the men and women of the Manta Trust, a UK registered charity, which aims to save the Manta Ray population. The trust has collected data on the individual spot patterns for a number of rays. When purchasing one of the 188 limited-edition Patravi Scubatec watches, you can choose a particular ray and help to save the species.