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Newsletter - Quality will be king in 2016

Newsletter Quality will be king in 2016

As we start a new year full of uncertainty, our editorial content will, more than ever, be driven by quality.


I was quite surprised during my Christmas holidays when my dad abandoned over 20 years of loyal affiliation to the Sunday Times and came home instead with the Observer. When I quizzed him, I discovered that the reason was not a sudden shift in politics (from the right-wing Sunday Times to the left-wing Observer) but purely because there was just “too much” of the Sunday Times. So quality over quantity was the motivating factor.

« Ce mois-ci, gagnez une montre Eterna pour dames »

I’m glad he made the change, because I found some interesting articles in the first issue of the Observer in 2016, among which there was, rather appropriately, one about quality in the media world, citing the staying power of such legendary publications as the Economist (your editor-in-chief’s favourite) in an era where news is available instantly, free of charge, anywhere. The article was keen to stress that quality content still has a price and in the case of the Economist that price was a cool £469 million for a 50% holding in the company sold last year.

Even though we can only dream of such a valuation at WorldTempus, the Economist serves as a quality benchmark for us, with the publication’s Style Guide as our primary reference work. The regular plaudits we receive for the quality of our content suggest that we are on the right track and this drives us on to maintain and improve our already high standards. Having a bilingual editor-in-chief who is a qualified translator also helps when all our news is published in English and French.

As the watch industry heads into what will undoubtedly be a difficult year, the notion of quality will become increasingly important for watch brands, who might have to make some tough choices about how they communicate with their customers. But even in this difficult climate, our 200,000 monthly readers can look forward to a number of exciting developments on WorldTempus throughout 2016, starting with plenty of quality content on the SIHH 2016, where we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the site.


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