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Kerbedanz - International exposure in front of the jet d'eau fountain

Kerbedanz International exposure in front of the jet d'eau fountain

Kerbedanz is establishing its emblem on Geneva rooftops.

The name of Kerbedanz, holder of the record for the largest tourbillon with its Maximus timepiece, is still growing.  The very high watchmaking brand has its headquarters facing the Neuchâtel Lake, in Switzerland, in a postcard decor. But now its banner dominates one of the most prestigious tourist landscapes in the world, Geneva and its symbols.

Indeed, it is from Neuchâtel that Kerbedanz is pursuing its market conquests and combining the successes of its distinctive corporate identity made up of ultimate personalizations and of a host of symbols. One day in Los Angeles, the other at the Grand Prix of China, Kerbedanz is thrilling the world's MIPs - Most Important Personnalities, a favourite acronym for the overused VIPs. Because it remains the only one to offer them timepieces synonymous with initiatory journeys punctuated by rare emotional impulses.

Rayonnements internationaux face au jet d’eau

© Kerbedanz

Today, Kerbedanz reaches a prestigious milestone, that of erecting its emblem in one of the most sought-after and most photographed areas in the world, that of the Geneva bay which faces the jet d'eau fountain and which shapes the sparkling wonders of Calvin's city when night falls. And Geneva, in terms of global reputation, far exceeds that of Switzerland. Hence the presence in these privileged places of the most famous brands and logos embodying ultra luxe in all its expressions, watchmaker, jeweller or financial.... Locations that are synonymous with supreme status, because they symbolize a communicational presence to which very few companies are able to aspire. 

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Prestigious emblem installation, "Making of"

Towards the end of spring 2019, in Geneva. The advertising location on one of the roofs of the Geneva rade has just become available. This is sufficiently unusual, as attested by these everexpanding waiting lists. It is reserved for five consecutive years and candidates for this exceptional exposure must be validated by Geneva city authorities. Because here it is the appearance of a jealously protected cityscape that is concerned. Everything starts, at the beginning, from the authorization of a building owner who, according to his character, his history or his knowledge of the strategic issues of the time, determines his price appetites. So there are as many different valuations as there are owners.

Arrival of the teams in charge of installing and removing illuminated signage. These specialized employees entered the building and took their equipment up to the last floor. The climb ended with a ladder that leads to a glass opening behind which the sky could be seen. The foot on the rooftops remains a unique moment, as the view is breathtaking. 

Unscrewing and dismantling of the former banner. The new one was implemented, the one of Kerbedanz whose production over several weeks followed very strict standards and protocols. The giant characters have been adapted to the required format. A few hours later, the posing took place while the film crews immortalized the scene, also from the bottom of the building.

The Kerbedanz banner has just been launched. At night, its hue differs slightly from other logos since it is one of the first to comply with the new environmental standards. A drone pilot cameraman sent his high-tech fly to the clouds in search of the most breathtaking perspective, the one that swept both the jet d’eau fountain and the unobstructed location. Relishing this unique moment, Aram Petrosyan, the brand's Chief Design Office (CDO).

Rayonnements internationaux face au jet d’eau

© Kerbedanz


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