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Kerbedanz - Under the dial of... Kerbedanz

Kerbedanz Under the dial of... Kerbedanz

Immerse yourself, next to Kalust Zorik, in a world rich in symbols and imbued with culture that gives a singular sense of beauty.

You are playing a game of Taboo with friends. The rules? Have people guess your brand in a limited amount of time, using keywords or key phrases. Which descriptors would you use? Ready? You have one minute—go!

Largest tourbillon

Unique co-creations


La beauté vue par Kerbedanz

Esperanza Classic Pink © Kerbedanz

Every period has its change! What is the fundamental difference between Kerbedanz of today and Kerbedanz of tomorrow?

The brand will be a must-have for the Most Important Personalities, always offering a high level of exclusivity, and the brand will have at least three iconic models.

If you had to choose a model to represent Kerbedanz, which one would it be and why?

That would be the Maximus model, the wristwatch with the world’s largest central tourbillon. It reflects our vision of grandeur — it takes you to the heart of a mechanical movement and reflects the relationship we have with the spirit of today.

La beauté vue par Kerbedanz

Maximus Flying Tourbillon & Maximus Royal Flying Tourbillon © Kerbedanz

Can you share with us a memorable experience that attests to the brand’s uniqueness? We are always interested in anecdotes!

We presented a watch to someone whose friends commissioned him an exceptional birthday gift. The dial was decorated with a micro-engraving of the house where he was born, and it brought tears to his eyes.

If you had to appoint a fictional ambassador, who would you choose and why?

The only true ambassadors of Kerbedanz are those who have gone through the experience of creating their personal watch with us!

La beauté vue par Kerbedanz

Black Tree of Life © Kerbedanz

Tell us how you came to lead Kerbedanz.

I had been active in the watchmaking industry for over than two decades when I met my partners at Kerbedanz. Together we developed an ambitious vision, and we were able to implement best way to speak to our selected audience.

What is the mechanical characteristic that unites all Kerbedanz watches?

Our exceptional movements are encased in designs with incorporate a high level of craftsmanship. Our watches are wound by a crown located in the north-east position, corresponding to the direction in which the sun rises during the summer solstice. This defines the spirit and energy of Kerbedanz.

La beauté vue par Kerbedanz

China GT Championship © Kerbedanz

Wearing a Kerbedanz watch is not simply a matter of having an accessory on your wrist — it’s about connecting to a story rich in symbols (such as the 3 Horses watch) or a piece of history and culture (such as the Tribute USA watch with its depiction of Mt Rushmore). What inspires you to create these watches and what goal do you try to reach when building a timepiece with your clients?

Our first step is always to understand and decipher the elements in a mechanical watch movement that symbolise someone’s connection to a higher level, and to work out the design and decoration that can express this. Understanding these secrets is the basis of our perspective of luxury.

La beauté vue par Kerbedanz

3 Horses © Kerbedanz

The motto of Kerbedanz is “Giving sense to beauty”. You place great importance in symbols, whether mechanical or aesthetic. What is your definition of beauty, and how do you translate it through the different timepieces of Kerbedanz?

Beauty adorns architecture. Our talented Chief Design Officer, Aram Petrosyan, knows how to bring out a particular spirit with profound execution. And each of our timepieces is accompanied by a book that expresses the magic of this spirit, written by our expert on symbols, Michel Cugnet. It is the key that unlocks the hidden meaning of the timepiece for its owner.


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5 June 2020
Sara Arroja-Schürmann
quelles belles montres et quelle belle philosophie! Merci pour ce magnifique article!

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