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Montblanc - Record-Breaking Climb for Nimsdai Purja and the 0 Oxygen

Montblanc Record-Breaking Climb for Nimsdai Purja and the 0 Oxygen

Montblanc Mark Maker Nimsdai Purja takes the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Chronograph 0 Oxygen to record-breaking heights

Last week, Montblanc’s new Mark Maker Nimsdai Purja broke a new record climbing Kanchenjunga, followed by Everest, and Lhotse while wearing the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Chronograph 0 Oxygen, without supplemental oxygen (to match the watch)! WorldTempus’ Sophie Furley sat down with him before the climb to learn more about his impressive alpinist career. 

Record-Breaking Climb for Nimsdai Purja and the 0 Oxygen

Nimsdai Purja © Montblanc

Did you set out to break the most-peaks-in-the-least-time record or was it something that just happened?
I set out to break the record. I made an announcement that I wanted to do four 8,000m peaks in seven months, but I knew this could be done in four months or less and the reason I said seven months was because of funding and bureaucracy, politics, all this stuff, and this is why I said seven months to factor in the planning. In the end, I did it in six months and six days. 

What was the appeal about Montblanc when they approached you to be a Mark Maker?
The big thing for me is that I have to believe in my partners. There is no compromise. The second thing is about what I represent in terms of the product. Is it as good as Nimsdai himself? I am sorry, but I am the only person out of a world population of eight billion who has done what I have done, so that product has to replicate that. So, the watch that I am wearing right now is the first of its own kind. There is no oxygen inside, so that means that you will not see fog. They have also looked after me. It is not just one way. In partnerships everything has to be mutually agreed and mutually beneficial so I am really happy and I hope that the watch will be sold out before it comes out. I truly mean that. 

Record-Breaking Climb for Nimsdai Purja and the 0 Oxygen

1858 Geosphere Chronograph 0 Oxygen © Montblanc

You are planning a trip to the summit of Everest without supplemental oxygen. For us mere mortals who don’t understand, what’s the difference?
Generally speaking, if you climb without supplemental oxygen, it is a bit tougher because there is less oxygen and this means that your body is literally dying. This year I have been guiding on Everest with my guiding company, so after I finish my guiding, I am going to the summit four times and then a fifth time on my own. The watch will be on my wrist the whole time. 

What is the biggest challenge for you personally when you are doing these ascents?
Right now, I am guiding, so if you told me that you wanted to climb Everest, I need to be able to use my expertise to inject all that power and knowledge to you to help you achieve that, to make it possible for you is the biggest challenge. Not everyone coming to Everest wants to be number one, they are coming for the challenge that they can push through. So, everybody is different, but as an expert leader, as a guide, I have to deal with their different mindsets, different dimensions, and I have to find their weaknesses and build them up, making them stronger and stronger so that they can achieve their goal. This is what gives me real satisfaction. 

Record-Breaking Climb for Nimsdai Purja and the 0 Oxygen

Nimsdai Purja and the 0 Oxygen © Montblanc

You have achieved so much already, but what is the next big dream for you?
The big thing is now that I really want to give back to the community. I have seen a huge change in the Himalayas due to global warming. Where there were glaciers before, there are now lakes. I have seen this with my own eyes. And there is so much pollution on the big mountains. So, I have just announced a Big Mountain Clean Up project where we will be cleaning up all the rubbish at 8,000 metres. This spring we have been cleaning up a lot of areas on Everest. Montblanc has played their part, so I am really happy to be able to help the Earth heal itself. So, I am doing this, but there are other big projects too, but for those, you need to stay tuned. 

Tell me about your Netflix documentary that has been hugely successful? 
I grew up without a TV in my house, we used to go around to the neighbour’s house. From that point, 38 years later, I produced the biggest mountaineering film ever. It was the most watched documentary of the year. It was number seven in Hollywood films so we are competing with Dwayne Johnson and all those people. So, from even the film-making perspective, nothing is impossible.

Record-Breaking Climb for Nimsdai Purja and the 0 Oxygen

Nimsdai Purja © Montblanc


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