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Genus - GNS1.2

Genus GNS1.2

Freedom in timekeeping.

The upcoming 2019 “Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève” offers an opportunity to unveil a watch that marks the birth of the independent Geneva watchmaking brand named by the co-founders, GENUS – in a class of its own – and the advent of a new kind of creative Haute Horlogerie.

For the first time in the world of Fine Watchmaking a mechanical component moves seamlessly from one orbit to another. This exceptional timepiece, whose case, movement and time display complications are manufactured in 18K gold, is the culmination of ten years of research and three years of development.

It’s the story of a fascination with the figure 8, the symbol of infinity, so powerfully represented in the analemma – the path drawn in the sky by the different positions of the sun measured at the same time and from the same place during a calendar year. It’s also a desire to shake-up watchmaking fundamentals, whilst respectfully building on the foundations. Traditional watchmaking hinges on a system of fixed elements driven by gears. GENUS envisions it with the added dimension of motion, with freely moving elements, as if on rails.

With GENUS, you’ll learn to read the time differently. Hours are indicated at 9 o'clock, tens-of-minutes are shown by the lead traveling indicator – named “the Genus” – which moves freely from one central orbit to the other, and the precise minute is read on the rotating dial in the traditional 3 o'clock position.



GNS1.2 © Genus

Patents for two display complications are pending – one for the hours display complication, and the other for the circulating tens-of-minutes display.

The tens-of-minutes display is captivating. The lead Genus shows the passing of time in 10-minute increments and is followed by 11 Genera (‘genera’ being the plural of ‘genus’) that progress radially along the 8-shaped orbital path, like a kinetic sculpture. As the lead Genus traces its path around the two distinct foci, a rose window is formed by the Genera every 15 and 45 minutes, alternating between the upper and lower tracks of the 8. As time passes, this gives the watch a fascinating and ever-changing face. To know the exact time, simply note the hour shown and add the precise minute to the tens-of-minutes indicated by the Genus.

The timepiece is powered by a hand-wound manufacture calibre in 18K gold and features a variable inertia balance wheel. The main base plate is in two parts and separates energy regulation and distribution, from transmission.


© Genus

All movement components are hand-finished in keeping with the exacting criteria of Haute Horlogerie and feature a hand-bevelled main plate and bridges, circular-grained and bevelled wheels, with most steel components that are black-polished (poli noir finish) and bevelled. All flank drawing is done by hand. The 18K gold display module has the same exceptional degree of finishing. The combination of a generous dial aperture and box-domed, flush-mounted sapphire crystal frees the view on the module’s architecture and its complexity.



© Genus


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GENUS, a singularity of time. Pushing back the limits of watch display, the brand has established its own watchmaking ethos. It resides upon on the experience of its Master Watchmaker, author of an unheard-of complication and its Manufacture movement, crafted of solid gold and enhanced by state-of-the-art Haute Horlogerie hand-finishings.

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