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HYT - Five reasons to buy the HYT Skull Pocket Watch No. 0 at Chronopassion

HYT Five reasons to buy the HYT Skull Pocket Watch No. 0 at Chronopassion

We break down the significance of this particular collector’s piece, which is only available from Laurent Picciotto at Chronopassion.

HYT, the self-styled hydro-mechanical horologists, have been breaking new ground in watchmaking over the past few years. They don’t need to worry too much about competition, because nobody else is doing what they do. Yes, there are plenty of other great watches around for the same amount of money, but here is what makes this particular watch so special.

It’s a pocket watch
But it’s not just a pocket watch. It’s the first pocket watch by HYT and there is not a hint of precious metal, enamel or engine-turned decoration in sight. In fact, there aren’t even any hands (but more on that later). This is a pocket watch for the 21st century dandy or indeed anyone that has embraced the resurgence of the waistcoast in men’s fashion.

It has a skull
Skulls are cool and trendy. A lot of watch brands use them as a motif and Fiona Kruger has even shaped her entire collection of watches like skulls. But HYT takes things a step further by using the skull to display the time. On this pocket watch it is not just an element of decoration but an integral part of the watch’s primary function of timekeeping. And if precision injecting two immiscible fluids into a tiny circular capillary on all the other HYT watches wasn’t enough, the brand chose to throw in an extra layer of difficulty in using the skull shape, which deforms the circle.

It uses fluids to tell the time
HYT is the only watch brand that uses fluids to display the time. Two immiscible liquids (one colourless and one bright green) are pushed around a tiny capillary tube by a pair of bellows. The bellows are driven by a traditional Swiss Made mechanical watch movement which has a power reserve of 65 hours.

HYT Skull Pocket

Skull Pocket HYT

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It lights up!
Many wristwatches use the luminescent material SuperLuminova on the indications (hands, hour markers and numerals) for low light visibility. This material is “charged” by exposure to sunlight and then releases its glow in lower light conditions. HYT is no exception to this but has also taken things a step further. The HYT Skull Pocket watch incorporates a micro generator that can be wound mechanically, just like the mechanical movement. A few turns of a separate crown at 4.30 on the case are all that is needed to charge this generator for five seconds of bright light provided by two LED lights hidden beneath the oversize 6 on the case.

HYT Skull Pocket 0 Chronopassion

Skull Pocket No. 0 © HYT


There are only 8, and this one is No. 0
The fact that only 8 HYT Skull Pocket watches have been made makes this an extremely rare piece. And Laurent Picciotto of Chronopassion is a specialist in such rarities. Like HYT, however, he also likes to take things a step further and offer his customers something truly special. In the case of the HYT Skull Pocket watch, as the first retailer to order a piece (Picciotto often leads where other follow by acquiring the first in limited series – just take a look at the models in his personal collection, which he sold at auction earlier this year), he secured the coveted No. 0. Among the few HYT Skull Pocket Watches available, this is the one you want. It’s yours for €115,000 from Chronopassion.


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The pioneers of “fluidic time” have become specialists in something that had long been thought impossible: combining mechanics and fluids in a wristwatch.

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