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Alpina  - Alpina surfs the wave with the Swiss Surfing Association

Alpina Alpina surfs the wave with the Swiss Surfing Association

Inspired by nature and its different environments since its creation, Alpina is strengthening its aquatic aspiration in 2021, by becoming the main partner and Official Timekeeper of the Swiss Surfing Association.

Founded in 1992, it represents the sport of surfing in Switzerland, both nationally and internationally, and promotes its various disciplines such as Longboard, Shortboard, Bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle Board and traditional water sports. Every year, the best surfers compete in the Swiss Surfing Championships held in Spain, and in the Swiss Wavepool Championships held in Switzerland.

Surfing has its origins in Polynesia and was for a long time the privilege of the royal families whose chiefs proved their worth, strength and courage by facing the waves. Early navigators and conquerors of the Polynesian islands reported seeing local people riding the waves of the Indian Ocean.

Centuries later, "the sport of kings" has spread throughout the world to become, by far, the discipline that federates the largest number of practitioners, but also a true lifestyle. The mother of all board sports, surfing as such has attracted many board freaks, such as skaters and snowboarders.

Alpina surfe la vague avec la Swiss Surfing Association

Official Timekeeper of the Swiss Surfing Association © Alpina

Switzerland, the new exotic country of surfing

Surfing on the powerful waves of the ocean: this sport has gradually been democratized to also offer this possibility to landlocked countries such as Switzerland, in natural rivers or through artificial waves, commonly called "wavepools". The latter reproduce the movement of the ocean in two ways, depending on the size of the pool and the size of the desired waves.

For wilderness surfing, although the waves are much smaller than their ocean sisters, standing waves in a river offer great opportunities to learn the sport of surfing and improve maneuvers, as they move smoothly and have a consistent shape. Over the past decades, river surfing has become increasingly popular, and the first river surfing event was organized with great success by the Swiss Surfing Association in 1999.

Alpina surfe la vague avec la Swiss Surfing Association

Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic © Alpina

The Swiss Surfing Association

The Swiss Surfing Association (SSA), founded in 1992, represents the sport of surfing in Switzerland on a national and international level, and includes the disciplines of Longboard, Shortboard, Bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle Board and traditional water and board sports. Recognized by the International Surfing Association (ISA, the world's surfing governing authority) and the European Surfing Federation, it is also part of the Swiss Olympics since 2018.

Swiss surfing champions (women and men), and some of the best Swiss surfers, form the Swiss Surfing Team, which represents Switzerland at international surfing competitions such as the ISA World Surfing Games - bringing together the world's elite surfers - the ISA World Junior Surfing Games. It participates in the Eurosurf, the biggest European surfing competition. The Swiss Surfing Team also organizes annual national competitions such as the Swiss Surfing Championships and the Swiss Wavepool Championships, as well as other events for river and wakesurfing.

As the only landlocked country, Switzerland has been doing well in international competitions for over a decade now. Counting over 4’000 interested persons, more than 1’200 active members, estimated 50’000 regular surfers and a huge community of snowboarders, the sport of surfing has a great potential in Switzerland.

Alpina surfe la vague avec la Swiss Surfing Association

The Swiss Surfing Association © Alpina

Alpina has been riding the wave for several decades

Inspired by nature and its different fields of expression since its creation in 1883, the air, the land and the sea, Alpina has made them its three pillars of creation. As an ambassador of outdoor sports, Alpina has developed a natural affinity with the world of gliding, not only in the mountains but also on the water.

Gathered in the Seastrong collection, Alpina's diving watches illustrate its passion for the aquatic world, and present strong and legible characteristics, true to the Maison's heritage. Designed to appeal to water sports enthusiasts, these models carry on the proud Alpina tradition established over the last century and can be used up to 300m underwater.

For the record, Alpina has a rightful place in the world of outdoor sports since its creator, Gottlieb Hauser, in 1938, established the four principles of the sports watch with the introduction of the "Alpina 4" concept: antimagnetic, shockproof, water-resistant, made of stainless steel. In a few words, the man had defined an essential that still seems to guide contemporary sports watchmaking and any timepiece that wants to be considered a true "sports watch".

Alpina surfe la vague avec la Swiss Surfing Association

Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic © Alpina

Swiss watches and surfing sports

As a Swiss watch manufacturer drawing its inspiration from the marine world, Alpina is pleased to be associated with the Swiss Surfing Foundation. With their Swiss origins but also their common passion, these two entities were destined to meet, inevitably.

"What better way to bring together our alpine and maritime heritage in Switzerland than to support surfing in Switzerland! We are very proud to partner with the Swiss Surfing Association to help them promote surfing, and to make the sport more and more professional in the Alps", says Oliver van Lanschot Hubrecht, Brand Director of Alpina.

In addition, and for several years now, Alpina has been actively involved in supporting young talents as well as professional alpine ski athletes in their ascent. From the glacier to the ocean, Alpina is committed to supporting the sports that contributed to its creation and which represent its daily source of inspiration. This is why Alpina has chosen to support the Swiss Surfing Association and its water sports enthusiasts, and is proud to become its main partner and Official Timekeeper.

"We are incredibly proud to have won Alpina Watches as a partner that shares our Olympic values and our attitude. Alpina, as the inventor of the Swiss sports watch, stands for pioneering spirit just as much as the Swiss Surfing Association, which has shaped and developed the sport of surfing in Switzerland from the very beginning."

"The DNA of the Swiss Surfing Association is built on Swiss roots. As a Swiss surfer, you are somehow also an alpinist. This is unique worldwide. It's in the nature of things, especially since we are Alpine people. Alpina, as a Swiss watch brand, always goes back to its Swiss roots and finds the source of its innovative spirit there. Just like us."

"I would literally say: the time has finally come! We are not only grateful but also thrilled to continue our journey with Alpina as our new main sponsor and Official Timekeeper," says Bene Sarkany, president of the Swiss Surfing Association.

Alpina surfe la vague avec la Swiss Surfing Association

The Swiss Surfing Association © Alpina

A triptych dedicated to ecological surfing

Involved in the preservation of the marine universe that is the surfers' field of expression, Alpina announced on June 8th, 2021 - as part of the launch of the new Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic models made of recycled plastic - a collaboration with the Swiss company Wood'nShape, headed by architect Sébastien Meylan, which manufactures ecological wooden surfboards.

This partnership unveils a series of surfboards covered with a pattern illustrating the plastic waste. Handcrafted down to the smallest detail, these boards have been shaped by the hands of Sébastien Meylan himself. Baptized "Ugly Beauty", this series working as a triptych represents the world map and illustrates the accumulation of plastic pollution in the oceans. The goal: to question the environmental stakes of non-recyclable materials, the clogging of the oceans by plastic waste, and the alternative measures to adopt such as upcycling, the education of the young generations, or the search for the adequacy between innovation and preservation.

We Shape the Change, a sustainable promise

This partnership with Wood'nShape falls under the We Shape the Change’s umbrella, Alpina's new motto and the eco-responsible equivalent of the famous Reach Your Summit, which aims to bring together under a single unifying principle all of the Brand's initiatives aimed at reducing this destructive ecological impact on our planet.

Since last year, Alpina has been committed to preserving the environment and its nature, a source of inspiration for the company since its creation and to which it now wishes to return the favour. Even if Alpina is still in its early stage in terms of sustainable development, this is the direction the Brand is pointing for the upcoming years. Designing change, moving forward, living in harmony with its time and environment: these are the fundamental values advocated by all the actions undertaken by Alpina, present and future, to draw its community and the public’s attention to environmental issues. 



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Established in 1883, Alpina is recongised as the inventor of the sports watch as we know it today, having presented its Alpina 4 model back in 1938.

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