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WorldTempus Team Test
Bianchet  - Team Test: WorldTempus X Bianchet

Bianchet Team Test: WorldTempus X Bianchet

This week, WorldTempus is trying out the new Bianchet Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork creation

Brice Lechevalier 

Few watch brands have been created by a couple, and that in itself is a small success when you think about the solidity and complicity that this implies. The fact that this watch has been conceived by both a woman and a man means that it is already something quite special. A good dose of harmony, a hint of audacity, the best of each gender, and a lot of love. This is partly reflected in the DNA of the Bianchet Tourbillon Carbon Orange B1.618 Openwork, not to mention the concentrated innovation and highly accomplished design that all new watches in this price segment need to have a chance of convincing clients to part with their hard-earned cash! As with most niche brands, the human factor plays an important role. Knowing the designer, and therefore the couple, and their story, makes it possible to appreciate the fruit of their fusion even more. This timepiece conveys a deliberate spirit of a contemporary and demanding lifestyle that has not been created in vain. 

Team Test: WorldTempus X Bianchet

Bianchet Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork © Brice Lechevalier/WorldTempus

Jordy Bellido 

Orange is a colour that is rarely seen outside of the world of diving watches, and it is a welcome breath of fresh air on this sporty timepiece. Subtle, yet very present, it brings that little pep of colour that enhances the character of the watch. In addition to its bright hue, the Bianchet Carbon Orange Tourbillon B.1618 Openwork is distinguished by the composition of its case. At first glance, its matt black case indicates that it is made from a material from the carbon fibre world, but it isn’t just carbon fibre, the material includes titanium powder that has been hand-laid between the 32 layers of carbon. The result is an ultra-resistant watch whose aesthetics are matched only by its robustness. 

Team Test: WorldTempus X Bianchet

Bianchet Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork © Jordy Bellido/WorldTempus

Sophie Furley

I have always been fascinated by the golden ratio, especially when it is used in watchmaking. This special sequence of numbers is found everywhere in nature, from the spirals of a seashell, to the petals of a flower, and the proportions of a top model’s face. When you analyze beauty mathematically, you find the presence of the golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence, as it is also known. Bianchet uses this formula in the creation of its timepieces and I have to say that even if I don’t fully understand the maths, I found the architecture of its Carbon Orange Tourbillon Openworked movement rather mesmerizing to look at. The curves of the bridges and the position of the screws and wheels all have a certain harmony that capture the eye. This is accentuated by the barrel-shaped case, black components combined with orange touches, and patterns on the carbon case. On the wrist, the magic continues as I found myself checking the time more frequently than I usually would, which is proof enough that the golden ratio is working its magic here! But don’t take my word for it, try one on yourself, and let us know what you think!

Team Test: WorldTempus X Bianchet

Bianchet Carbon Orange Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork © Sophie Furley/WorldTempus

Jean-Christophe Teigner

I had the chance to wear the Bianchet Carbon Orange Tourbillon B.1618 Openwork this week, and I have to say that I found it rather nice. In the crowded world of sports watches with ultra-design, and ultra-racing, there are a lot of nice people and equally nice watches. But, for me, this watch could be a real winner. With its ultra-light carbon barrel-shaped case, and its contemporary skeletonized movement, this watch looks good on the wrist. I just have to put on my driving gloves, put the roof down, with my hair in the wind, and off I go (you get the picture)! With this Bianchet Carbon Orange on my wrist, I am going to turn heads as I roar around town. Actually, I drive an electric car, so I am not exactly “roaring”, but it is definitely on trend, just like this super successful watch!


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21 October 2022
Catherine Delatte
Marque excellente

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