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Carl F. Bucherer - Introducing the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony

Carl F. Bucherer Introducing the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony

Carl F. Bucherer sets the new peripheral technology standards

Carl F. Bucherer and the New Era of Peripheral Technology

Its very name is music. The Manero Minute Repeater Symphony is a tribute to technical innovation, the Swiss watchmaking tradition and artistic excellence. It is the most extraordinary timepiece Carl F. Bucherer has created in a long and impressive history that can be traced back to 1888. The COSC-certified chronometer takes peripheral technology to places no watch brand has ever been before, with three peripheral movement elements – the rotor, the regulator, and a remarkable tourbillon that appears to float freely – developed in-house and patented by Carl F. Bucherer.

Introducing the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony

Manero Minute Repeater Symphony © Carl F. Bucherer

Not only does the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony´s MR3000 manufacture movement have a peripheral winding system and a peripherally suspended floating tourbillon, it also features what is arguably the most sophisticated complication in the art of watchmaking, the minute repeater with a peripherally mounted regulator. This regulator, along with the peripheral winding system and the floating tourbillon, are patented by Carl F. Bucherer, and, together, these peripheral innovations combine to create a true horological symphony – a composition which, in fact, inspired the renowned Lucerne Festival Orchestra to honor it with a brilliant new opus. Both masterpieces – the musical and the watchmaking symphonies – will be premiered during Watches and Wonders 2021.

Sascha Moeri, Carl F. Bucherer’s CEO, points out that the Lucerne Festival Orchestra’s composition and the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony are ideal partners: “The word symphony in the name of our watch expresses harmonic complexity and the delicate interaction among different parts – qualities it shares with the orchestra. Their stunning new piece of music and our watch are a perfect pairing. We both share a commitment to artistic perfection and a dedication to craftsmanship.”

The MR3000 Manufacture Caliber: Setting New Standards

Carl F. Bucherer’s MR3000 sets new standards in the field of peripheral technology. For the first time, the brand’s peripheral rotor is not only combined with a peripherally suspended – and thus floating – tourbillon, but also with the peripherally mounted regulator of a minute repeater mechanism. In this way, the Lucerne-based watchmaker not only demonstrates the highest level of manufacturing expertise, but also emphatically underscores its leadership in the field of peripheral technology.

Introducing the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony

Manero Minute Repeater Symphony © Carl F. Bucherer

Sascha Moeri emphasizes the importance of the achievements in peripheral technology to the brand: “Clearly, our accomplishments in peripheral technology have become our flagship. When we secured our patent on the peripheral winding system back in 2008, it sparked the passion that ultimately led to the creation of this new watch. We are proud of what we’ve achieved and excited about sharing it with the world.”

Patented Peripheral Technology: Carl F. Bucherer’s Leitmotif

Peripherals, which the MR3000 uses three of, are among Carl F. Bucherer’s unmistakable leitmotifs. This technology premiered with the peripheral rotor, patented by the brand in 2008, when this in-house manufactured caliber became the first movement ever to implement this principle successfully in series production.

Not only does the bidirectional automatic winding movement draw its energy from a peripherally rotating oscillating weight, its slim rotor also reveals the beauty of the movement. With the T3000 movement, which premiered in 2018, the manufacturer further extended its lead in peripheral technology when peripheral winding was combined with a groundbreaking Carl. F. Bucherer–patented transparent peripherally mounted tourbillon that appears to float.

Introducing the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony

Manero Minute Repeater Symphony © Carl F. Bucherer

As the heart of the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony, the elaborately finished and COSC certified MR3000 manufacture movement with a power reserve of 65 hours has ushered in an exciting new era of peripheral technology.

A Minute Repeater with a Peripherally Mounted Regulator

Repeater watches, with their sophisticated striking mechanisms, are among the most admired complications in all of watchmaking. With their acoustic qualities, they add a sensual dimension to time.

The Manero Minute Repeater Symphony takes the classic minute repeater technique and puts this innovation to use in true Carl F. Bucherer style. Its mechanism is finely orchestrated to produce two different tones on two gongs which, along with the sculpted hammers, can be admired, most unusually, through cutouts at the edge of the dial. They are complemented by openings at 5 and 7 o’clock, through which the work of the striking hammers can be observed. A window above 6 o’clock showcases the watch’s innovative regulator, which sets the beat of the chimes. This patented regulator is mounted peripherally via three low-friction ceramic ball bearings.

However, the minute repeater from Carl F. Bucherer scores not only with outstanding technology, but also with genuine functionality. A protective mechanism built into the movement prevents inadvertent misuse: visible via the discrete display at 9 o’clock, it indicates the current mode of the watch – a blue dot shows that the crown is pulled out, and a musical note lets the wearer know that the minute repeater function is activated. Another safety measure further ensures the protection of the watch: the crown cannot be pulled out when the repeater mechanism is running – it locks. Conversely, when the crown is pulled out, the repeater mechanism is locked.

The Peripherally Mounted Tourbillon

The tourbillon – the classic complication originally designed by Abraham-Louis Breguet in the eighteenth century to offset the effects of gravity on the accuracy of the watch – is another sublime expression of the art and craft of watchmaking. And the watchmakers at Carl F. Bucherer have made this epitome of their craft float: the cage of their minute tourbillon is supported peripherally – and invisibly to the observer – by three ball bearings. These frictionless ceramic ball bearings ensure stability and precise guidance. It is another ingenious technical feature on which Carl F. Bucherer also holds a patent. The tourbillon in the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony, which is proudly and prominently displayed at 12 o’clock, not only “floats”, but also stops on command: thanks to the stop-seconds function, the rotating cage is locked when the crown is pulled, allowing the time to be set to the second.

The Manero Minute Repeater Symphony: The Beauty Is in the Detail

As breathtakingly complex as the interior of the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony is, its exterior, in contrast, is clear and structured: the classically elegant timepiece is clad in a 43.8 mm diameter case of 18-karat rose gold, whose open-worked and hand-angled lugs seductively follow the silhouette of the wrist.

These spoke-shaped horns reduce the mass of the case and thus amplify the watch’s melodious sound. The 18-karat white gold dial is hand-galvanized and features a fine grainé texture. 18- karat rose gold hands and hour markers reflect the warm hue of the case. Connoisseurs of sophisticated watchmaking will appreciate the elaborate finishing: the carefully diamond beveled and highly polished chamfers, the sandblasted crown, the hand-angled dial edges and windows, or the Geneva-striped, angled, and diamond-beveled bridges that can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back. The individual numbering of the model, limited to 88 pieces, is engraved by hand on a small plaque in 18-karat gold at the 6 o’clock position on the dial. The watch is presented on a hand-stitched alligator leather strap whose every individual scale has been finished by hand. It is secured with an 18-karat rose gold folding clasp.

Introducing the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony

Manero Minute Repeater Symphony © Carl F. Bucherer

Carl F. Bucherer’s Customization: A Watch as Unique as the Person Who Wears It

For those who wish to accentuate the unique character of this limited-edition masterpiece to create their very own symphony, Carl F. Bucherer offers further customization options. There are opportunities for the customer to choose from different designs and finishes, creating a timepiece that is as unique as he or she is.

A Unique Resonator – Sharing the Music!

Inside the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony´s luxury box is a stunning, specially designed resonator that will allow proud owners of this remarkable watch to share its unique music with their friends. The ingenious amplification system is meticulously crafted from spruce harvested from the forests in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains. This spruce has long been regarded for its qualities as a tone wood and has been used for the tops of some of the world’s finest guitars, violins, and other stringed instruments. This unusual amplification system doubles the volume of the Manero Minute Repeater Symphony minute repetitions, making it easy to let others enjoy the phenomenon.


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