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Chanel - Video. Happy hour with my Boy∙Friend Tweed

Chanel Video. Happy hour with my Boy∙Friend Tweed

Like a men's jacket casually hugging a women's shoulders, the Boy∙Friend Tweed is inspired by a code dear to Chanel by blending steel and tweed. A new take on blurring the lines between masculine and feminine.

No more need for jealousy or a shameless desire to borrow a watch initially intended for men. A far cry from the classic features of extreme femininity, Chanel invents a new form of elegance with the Boy∙Friend watch. More restrained than the customary aesthetic norms of women’s watches, the Boy.Friend has been asserting since 2015 a masculine look as an essential new glam factor.

Clearly inspired by the fashion world, the Boy∙Friend Tweed model shakes things up by incorporating a favorite Chanel motif evoked in its name. Adorned with diamonds on the small model or radiating contemporary restraint in the medium-sized version, the case is extended by a steel bracelet featuring a tweed motif echoing the famous Chanel two-piece suit. The most striking aspect, alongside the refined execution of the motif, is the extremely supple feel of this bracelet that coils around the wrist like a second skin.


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Through her life, Gabrielle Chanel embodied strength, character and a fierce desire for independence. Maison CHANEL, avant-garde and constantly innovative, has come down through the decades to become an unmistakable symbol of distinction, elegance and refinement.

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