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Claude Meylan - Tortue Rainbow appears in seven different colours

Claude Meylan Tortue Rainbow appears in seven different colours

What if the number seven held a lot more meaning than one might at first think? What lies behind the seven colours chosen by Claude Meylan?

The number seven is credited with meanings as many and varied as the cultures to which they belong. In addition to being the number designating the days in a week, the other planets in our solar system, the stages of enlightenment and the capital sins, the number seven is universally regarded as a symbol of wholeness, of a complete cycle – and thus of dynamic perfection.

Ancient Egyptians regarded the number seven as the symbol of eternal life. Due to a considerable number of historical, physical, esoteric and mathematical coincidences, the number seven is often regarded as “magical” and bordering on the realm of mysticism.

Claude Meylan picks up this number by drawing inspiration from the mystique of rainbows and their seven colours, in order to interpret the Tortue watch in strongly meaningful hues. 

Blood, fire, passion, love, pleasure, action: red is the ultimate colour of life and dynamism. This vibrant and intense colour is inseparably associated with a sense of boundless energy as well as adventure and good luck.

Tortue Rainbow

A soft shade tempering the aggressiveness of red and the brightness of yellow, orange stands for harmony, spontaneity, sociability and satisfaction. It is said to help in making tough decisions and looking on the bright side of life.

The colour of sunshine and happiness, yellow expresses radiant creativity, protection, positivity and clarity. It is believed to activate, nurture self-awareness and build confidence, as well as activating the memory and enhancing vision.

Whether light blue, sky blue or royal blue, this colour carries connotations of wide open spaces, freedom, imagination and sensitivity. It is known to have positive effects on the mind and body, including by slowing down the human metabolism and producing calming chemicals. 

Last but not least, violet evokes spirituality, communion, as well as peace of mind. This tender and reassuring colour also conveys a sense of equilibrium and sensitivity. It is thought to inspire unconditional and selfless love. 

Youth, nature, adventure, feelings: green notably represents the rebirth of life each spring, as well as compassion, health and hope. The well-being associated with this colour is thought to lie within each individual as they accept themselves and their environment. 

Tortue Rainbow

Similar to blue and yet distinct from it, indigo is the colour of the deep midnight sky and is said to reflect devotion, wisdom and justice. It is also believed to represent emotions, strength, fluidity and sincerity as well as governing communication.

At its heart beats….
Tortue Rainbow is powered by a mechanical hand-wound movement driving hours and minutes functions. Endowed with a 42-hour power reserve, the heart of this timepiece beats at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour. Each bridge is hollowed and entirely decorated, resulting in a subtly structured design ensuring sufficient transparency to enable unobstructed admiration of the colours that stand out more clearly as a result. 

The number seven, because of its hidden virtues, tends to bring all things into being: it is the dispenser of life and the source of all change: it even influences sublime beings.” Hippocrates



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Using well-known and highly reliable mechanical movements as its base, Claude Meylan opens up the watch, allowing the wearer to plunge into its microcosm and navigate through it.

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