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Corum - Small, but perfectly formed

Corum Small, but perfectly formed

The Mini Bubble is here. It’s small, round and delectable – the product of a watchmaker doing what it does best: making creatively uncomplicated and extremely attractive timepieces.

The advantage of youthful brands with creative independence is their ability to surprise at the drop of a hat, their ability to turn expectations on their head, to embrace the unexpected. That’s what Corum is all about. In March 2015 the watchmaker achieved a tour de force by relaunching an updated Bubble after a ten-year hiatus. It returned with expanded ambitions, an expanded diameter (the XXL version measures 52 mm across), and some deliberately provocative dials. It was a bold but perfectly coherent exercise; after all, anyone setting out to buy a Bubble has no intention of passing under the radar. Go big, or go home!

Contrary currents

So, obviously, once the message had been received and understood, Corum decided to go in completely the opposite direction. The company has just announced the Mini Bubble collection! “We started out with several ideas that intersected,” explains marketing director Frédéric Layani. “First, we had the technical ability to go down to 17 mm, and a movement that enabled us to do that. They were functional timepieces, and they measured 17 mm. So why not just add a strap? And finally, there was the current trend for the bracelet watch – watch as bracelet, to be worn alongside other bracelets.”

Small, but perfectly formed

© Corum

Double Bubble

The result is two exciting new collections. One features a gem-set bezel, while the other is plain. In its jewelled version (set with diamonds and rubies) the Mini Bubble is a chic and slightly cheeky accessory, a fun and uncomplicated piece of jewellery. The plain version is an affordable fashion watch, designed to be matched with any outfit or mood. The jewellery version will be a time-limited special edition, while the other will join Corum’s permanent collections.

Small, but perfectly formed

Mini Bubble jewellery versions © Corum

Social media Bubble

This Mini Bubble marks the first time that Corum has dared to reduce the size so dramatically. In the Bubble’s previous incarnation, some models were produced in 26 mm, and they became sought-after collectors’ pieces. 

With the new format, the size has been reduced even further, bringing Corum into the ultra-traditional, rather conservative realm of the dainty miniature watch, inhabited by the Dior Mini D (19 mm), the Faubourg by Hermès (15.5 mm) and the Petite Promesse by Baume & Mercier (22 mm). The Mini Bubble grants Corum entry to the XXS watch club while retaining its otherwise generous curves.

Small, but perfectly formed

© Corum

In the coming weeks, Corum will roll out a digital campaign targeting a young and fashion-conscious audience. The Mini Bubble has no haute horlogerie pretensions, and, much like its target clients, will navigate essentially on social media. There will be no mention of “heritage”, “DNA” or “savoir-faire” – the keywords will be “fashion” and “accessory”, for a watch that is all about fun, launched just in time for the summer. It will appeal to those who aren’t afraid of being different, like the watchmaker itself which, once again, continues to chart its course with coherence and confidence.


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The brand

Corum takes aesthetic daring to the heights of technical perfection. Through a number of collections, drawing on the fundamentals of traditional watchmaking, the manufacture continues to pursue its path free from the influence of passing trends.

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