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WorldTempus Team Test
Cyrus - World Tempus Team Test – Cyrus

Cyrus World Tempus Team Test – Cyrus

Our team of intrepid watch testers is back again this week with another travel-inspired watch to whet your appetite for future adventures

Jordy Bellido

This is a watch with an interesting cushion shape. I haven’t worn one for quite some time. I have to admit that my taste in case shapes is quite traditional; I have a preference for round cases. However, one doesn’t preclude the other, especially when it comes to the Cyrus Klepcys GMT Retrograde! “Another travel watch?” I hear you ask. Yes, you are right, but as we are slowly heading towards the end of the pandemic, we are preparing the ground for you to be as well-armed as possible when you are globe-trotting 

The Klepcys GMT Retrograde indicated two time zones, the local time being indicated by the perforated hand and the home time by the blue retrograde hand (which returns to its initial position every 24 hours, if you were wondering what “retrograde” meant). Besides a 42 mm diameter that I really like, and a design that is unlike any other, what I particularly appreciated with this watch is its crown at 9 o’clock. Ultra-practical, it allows you to change the local time with one push, each of them advancing the time by 60 minutes. I find it very pleasant not to have to pull out the crown and turn it again and again. 

World Tempus Team Test – Cyrus

Cyrus Klepcys GMT Retrograde © WorldTempus/Jordy Bellido

Jean-Christophe Teigner

This is a great company and a beautiful GMT retrograde watch in titanium and black DLC that will surely seduce many watch lovers around the world. 

At first glance, this watch will not leave you unmoved. It was designed to stop you in your tracks. Its design is very balanced with pure lines, while its opeworked dial lets us glimpse its manufacture movement designed and built by Jean-François Mojon, a reference in the world of master watchmakers. This GMT retrograde watch presents a second time zone in a very unique way, which will make you a reference globetrotter!

In short, at Cyrus, nothing is left to chance. Everything is thought out and considered carefully. Everything is about design, elegance, and presence in this limited edition of 50 pieces. Not everyone is the founder and king of the Persian Empire, but with this watch, that will fit your wrist like a glove, you will be ready to conquer your world!

Brice Lechevalier

In order to test this Klepcys GMT Retrograde, what better than a trip to Paris? First of all, the comfort is optimal with its case shape that hugs the wrist and its rubber strap with a very pleasant folding clasp. Then the legibility is excellent, day or night, with its luminescent numbers and hands, as well as the blue ring graudated in 24 hours for the second time zone, which is easily adjustable by pressing the crown at 9 o’clock. The icing on the cake, which is always a pleasure when you buy a watch, is that it is noticeable. As an extension of an elegant midnight blue mohair Ha-Noa sweater, it blends in beautifully with the décor of Ran, a trendy restaurant that has taken up residence in a private town house in the Madelaine quarter. It catches the eye of my dining companion, a watch industry professional, who is full of praise for my Cyrus of the day, which she would like to see remain with me!

World Tempus Team Test – Cyrus

Cyrus Klepcys GMT Retrograde © WorldTempus/Brice Lechevalier

Sophie Furley

The first thing that really struck me about the Cyrus Klepcys GMT Retrograde was its three-dimensional dial with a mix of matt openworked components and blue lacquered second time zone disc and small seconds. It really is very different from anything else out there. The next thing that surprised me – in a good way – was just how comfortable it was on the wrist. It is particularly ergonomic with its 42mm cushion-shaped case, elongated lugs, and integrated rubber bracelet, and even for a skinny little wrist like mine, it felt good. I also appreciated how easy it was to read both the time and the second time zone and how simple it was to set the indications using the two crowns. Practicality and legibility are so important for me in a wristwatch. 

You can’t talk about this watch without giving a shout-out to its movement maker, master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, who is the man behind all of the brand’s manufacture movements. Mojon has done a fabulous job on the design and finishing (the precision goes without saying) of this automatic calibre. For watch lovers looking for something a bit different, this is definitely a serious contender worth checking out. 

World Tempus Team Test – Cyrus

Cyrus Klepcys GMT Retrograde © WorldTempus/Suzanne Wong


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As a modern, dynamic and independent company with its Manufacture in Le Locle, CYRUS approach to the “Conquest of Innovation” requires to dive into the unknown to discover what has never been done before. Cyrus timepieces, designed by master-watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, are the perfect blend of the highest level of innovation possible combined with a unique and distinctive aesthetics which endows all creations with a strong identity.

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