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Father’s Day  - The Gift Of Time

Father’s Day The Gift Of Time

Not sure what to get for good old Dad? Lost for ideas and running out of time? WorldTempus comes to the rescue with our handy gift guide

As Father's Day approaches, the percentage of panicked children worldwide realising that they have absolutely no idea what to buy rises steeply. You want to get your father something nice, something that matches his personality, something that hopefully shows how much you appreciate him. (In other words, forget the tie.) Which timepiece would you choose to be his ally in facing the challenges, both great and small, of everyday life? Check out our recommendations below and let us know how it goes on Sunday!

1) The visionary who remembers

Is he a forward thinker who’s constantly thinking about how to remain two steps ahead in his business? At the same time, do family and tradition mean the world to him? Having this combination of farsightedness combined with feet-on-the-ground pragmatism allows him to take the best of the past and turn it into the engine of tomorrow. In this case, we recommend the FB 1RS.6 Chronometer by Ferdinand Berthoud. The exclusive timepieces by this brand reinterpret the original work of the eponymous 18th-century master watchmaker.

The Gift Of Time

Chronometer FB 1RS.6 © Ferdinand Berthoud

The FB 1R model features a novel type of regulator display and a tourbillon movement with fusee-chain transmission. The innovative approach lies in the possibility of acquiring the rarity of a high-precision mechanism while having the freedom to choose the shape of the case: octagonal or round. Limited to just 20 pieces, this watch retains the best of tradition while combining it with the best of modern technology.

2) The passionate eccentric

Your father has two passions in life: watchmaking and cars. It’s impossible for him to separate them or place one above the other! On top of that, he's not afraid of originality. The ICON Damascus model from Meccaniche Veloci will be perfect for his wrist. The brand's signature design, the QuattroValvole, takes its name from the Italian term for the four valves of an engine cylinder, and has a dial with four time zones and a mechanical self-winding movement. The damask steel used for the ICON's dial was forged by a craftsman in northern Milan. Stretched and folded many times during forging, this technique creates a metal characterised by a wave-like surface pattern, giving a shiny and opaque appearance to the dial. An original and unique watch for all those who love life.


The Gift Of Time

QuattroValvole © Meccaniche Veloce

3) The Tribal Chief

For him, unity is strength. He’s careful about who he has in his circle, but he also trusts them with his life. Then the ROMA SYNERGY BY Kari Voutilainen from Schwarz Etienne is the perfect piece for him. This watch collaboration, bearing the name of the brand and also that of the famous watchmaker, embodies more than a simple partnership, but a true relationship of trust between the two parties, covering the design, the manufacture of the dial and the finishing of the movement. Its dial is available in two colours, "ocean blue" or "sand grey". Its central area is decorated with a "fish scale" motif. The name Schwarz Etienne is presented on a cartouche below the 12 o'clock position. The small seconds display, dotted with a wave-shaped guilloché pattern, occupies a large part of the bottom of the dial. Finally, a silver plate pays tribute to the contribution of Kari Voutilainen. Schwarz Etienne is a watch brand with over a century of experience in the production of watch components, but it is resolutely forward-looking, choosing to share its history with the best of its time.


The Gift Of Time

ROMA SYNERGY BY Kari Voutilainen © Schwarz Etienne

4) The relentless perfectionist

Is he the type of person who constantly pushes himself and his limits? Does he always want to be better than he was yesterday? Then for him, there’s no better watch than the Submariner in white gold from Rolex. The Submariner, a watch closely linked to the history of diving, was launched in 1953 at the Baselworld watch fair. The first diver's watch to be waterproof to a depth of 100m, it has never ceased to renew itself while staying true to its history. This 2020 edition features refined lines, a black dial and a dark blue ceramic bezel. Proof that a model can be re-invented for decades, the Submariner is the ideal companion for those seek nothing less than perfection!

The Gift Of Time

Submariner © Rolex

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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