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Genus - GNS1.2 TD

Genus GNS1.2 TD

After inventing a new way of telling time, without dials or hands, Genus introduces a timepiece in Damascene Titanium.

In 2020, GENUS re-imagines the GNS by incorporating it in a new metal case. After white gold and rose gold, Genus ventures into new territory for watchmaking with a damascened titanium case, hence the name GNS 1.2 TD (Titane Damassé). The art of damascening consists of forging sheets of metal layer by layer. After having been hammered, each sheet is folded back upon itself, and the operation is repeated as many times as necessary – one might say like preparing the laminated dough used for puff pastry. This homogeneous ‘stacking’ of homogeneous layers, each one annealed between each fold, gives the material an entirely new, very particular aspect. Each incision, each bevel into the edge of the damascened metal reveals the strata, the shapes, the undulations, the unique character of each layer. 


GNS 1.2 TD © Genus

Bespoke colours and contrasts

Each part of the GNS 1.2 TD’s casing is cut at an angle to achieve a different, unique appearance. Genus then works to coordinate the different parts that make up a watch. Here, the intimate relationship between Genus and the wearer again comes into play. Indeed, the future owner is invited to attend the ‘Damascene revelation’ by open flame at the Genus workshop in Geneva and will be able to intervene directly in the colouring as well as decide on a particular surface finish: matte, satin or polished. Only the owner shall be privy to the secrets of the manufacturing process and the artisans' skills. 


Titanium © Genus

50 hours of power reserve

The architecture of the 160W-1.2 movement is indicative of the genetics of the Genus project. The intrinsic principles of freedom, flexibility and future evolution are based on its separation in two parts. The base, which can be described as the foundation of the movement, groups the essential functions, including a single barrel. It ensures a 50-hour power reserve, which is considerable in view of the complexity of the calibre and the moving elements. On top of this are built the individual complication modules for managing the display of hours, and tens, and units of minutes. 


© Genus

Exclusivity at heart

All the components of the calibre 160W-1.2 have been designed and hand-worked by the watchmaker in accordance with the requirements and tenents of Haute Horlogerie. The main plate and bridges are made of 18K gold obtained through an ecologically and socially responsible supply chain, certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). Another advantage: Gold has an anti-magnetic properties and is therefore largely protected from the harmful influence of magnetic fields. Finally, gold lends itself extremely well to the finest finishing techniques. 


Certificat © Genus

Digital passport

To offer owners the Genus guarantee of their timepiece’s authenticity and traceability throughout its life, Genus has joined forces with the Arianee Project.  It is an independent consortium whose mission is to establish a global standard for the digital certification of valuables. Based on blockchain technology, the decentralized and open source protocol offers a set of new services for the watch owner, which are directly accessible from the Certificate of Authenticity delivered with each Genus watch. 


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The brand

GENUS, a singularity of time. Pushing back the limits of watch display, the brand has established its own watchmaking ethos. It resides upon on the experience of its Master Watchmaker, author of an unheard-of complication and its Manufacture movement, crafted of solid gold and enhanced by state-of-the-art Haute Horlogerie hand-finishings.

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