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Innovation  - Introducing The ShowCase

Innovation Introducing The ShowCase

WorldTempus is taking advantage of The ShowCase, a portable studio designed for retailers and brands, to further enhance content

 When a respected watch photographer and a pioneer in 3D video put their combined talents into an enterprising initiative, the entire watch industry benefits. Denis Hayoun and Fabrice Rabhi have developed and patented The ShowCase: a portable TV studio for producing “more effective, more intelligent, enhanced quality presentations.” The digital alternatives to the watch fairs left stranded by the coronavirus pandemic were a reminder that nothing can replace the human touch; they also demonstrated that, when needed, video conferencing can convey information with satisfactory results.

Découvrez le ShowCase

Fabrice Rabhi and Denis Hayoun © Showcase

How satisfactory depends on the tools made available to press officers, sales staff and whoever else is behind the camera. It takes a quality interface (image quality in particular) and interactivity to hold an audience’s attention and get a message across. In watch stores the world over, sales staff have had to double up as camera operators and lighting technicians … which they aren’t. It’s a complaint that Hayoun and Rabhi, who are both based in Geneva, have heard multiple times these past months. Moreover, retailers lack the proper equipment to produce quality presentations that live up to brand image, with the result that end customers frequently find themselves looking at a photograph taken with a smartphone, or a shaky video of a watch lying on the counter. Which is where The ShowCase comes in.

Découvrez le ShowCase

Showcase mandarin customized © Showcase

A portable TV studio

The ShowCase’s inventors describe it as an ergonomically designed tool: a portable TV studio that can be set up or put away in less than ten seconds. Solidly constructed while weighing under 8 kilograms, it takes up minimal space when not in use (50 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm), meaning it can be stored under a counter. The design is sober and elegant, with a customisation option for the protective hood. A patented capsule maintains an ideally lit, temperature-controlled, dust-free environment for the product, while an embedded video conferencing feature enables photo and video sharing. TT

Découvrez le ShowCase

Customer Experience © Showcase

The sales associate (or whoever hosts the presentation) handles the watch exactly as they would in a face-to-face context, using both hands (with or without gloves), while a high-resolution fixed camera films within a range of 20cm to 2cm. They can enlarge details as they converse with the customer, who views the watch from every angle and in ideal conditions. The whole experience feels completely natural. A second camera films the salesperson, who can introduce augmented content such as photos and 3D videos, or play a short film about the history of the product or the brand, without leaving the application. The viewer (or viewers) join via a clickable link, sent by the host, on their regular phone, tablet or desktop (Mac and PC). They can also watch the presentation again, after logging out, simply by clicking on a link.

Watch this space!

While The ShowCase is aimed primarily at brands and retailers, for presenting products to customers, for training purposes or for staff evaluations, WorldTempus immediately spotted its potential as a means of enriching and illustrating the content we provide. Readers can look forward to the first augmented articles in the coming weeks; all part of our efforts to bring you the best in watchmaking.