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Jacob & Co. - Astronomia Collection

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Collection

A space opera

Astronomia Maestro Worldtime

From any perspective, design, horological, pictorial, crafts, technical or otherwise, there is simply no timepiece that comes near the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Maestro Worldtime. Its full name, although long, doesn’t even summarize the breadth of this 18-piece limited series’ achievements. It takes some thinking to wrap one’s head around the concept of an orbital carousel bearing a triple-axis tourbillon, a large Eath acting as worldtime indication, a miniature astronaut over a background miniature painting representing a night sky with several planets. Then it takes even more to realize that this entire set of minuscule works of art is housed in a transparent 50-mm case. That it’s made of a filigree rose gold structure while the rest is all rounded panels of sapphire. And then, to take the full measure of there being a minute repeater mechanism intertwined in all this, the gongs of which are around 4 cm in diameter, which is probably the largest set of those ever seen in a wristwatch. And that they constitute a carillon, which is a minute repeater that strikes on more than two, in this instance three, notes on as many gongs. Who could match, much less top this Astronomia Maestro? 

Astronomia Collection

Astronomia Maestro Worldtime Gravitational Triple-Axis Tourbillon Minute Repeater Carillon © Jacob & Co.

Astronomia Solar Planets, Gems in outer space

Astronomia Solar is a tribute to the radiance, and central presence of the Sun in our solar system, in our daily lives, in our imagination. Using the fundamental functional principle of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia, the Astronomia Solar Planets version features a Jacob-cut, 288 facet gemstone, weighing 1.5ct, sitting on top of the Astronomia rotating carousel. Except this one version is made up of only three arms. On for the hour and minute dial, one for the rose gold and blue Earth globe and one for the flying tourbillon. Above it all, Jacob & Co.’s interpretation of our yellow star shines a warm light on its small universe. It is made up of a cosmic representation, an evocative arrangement of stars, planets blending miniature painting and the art of choosing and cutting stones. For in the background of the carousel, a blued-titanium base is inlaid with seven planets. Each one of them is made of a half sphere of a cabochon-cut stone, chosen for its color and texture to evoke one particular celestial body: white granite for Mercury, rhodonite for Venus, red jasper for Mars, pietersite for Jupiter, tiger eye for Saturn with a rose gold applique for the rings, blue calcite for Uranus and lapis for Neptune. This one timepiece is really a dream machine meant to transport your mind billions of miles away. 

Astronomia Collection

Astronomia Solar Planets © Jacob & Co.

Astronomia Art, Fantastic creatures

It could be argued that Jacob Arabo is an animal lover. He has featured such a wide variety of them in this Astronomia Art collection. The latter encompasses several individual types of Astronomia, some featuring the lavish addition of extensive gem-setting, the likes of which are the exception anywhere else, but a regular practice at Jacob & Co. What these timepieces have in common, besides the fact that they rely on the spectacular, theater-scene like Astronomia, is the presence of one or several animals. Miniature sculptures, crafted and sometimes painted, entirely by hand, which represent a creature of a client's choosing, or a symbol that Jacob Arabo finds appealing and meaningful. A phoenix made of rose gold. Dragons of several types.

Astronomia Collection

Astronomia Tiger & Dragon © Jacob & Co.

Black and white pandas scattered in a bamboo forest. Monuments from large cities. The taste of particular customers even extended to an octopus, a black tarantula and a set of four rose gold skulls with ruby eyes.

Astronomia Collection

Astronomia Black and White Pandas © Jacob & Co.

Some lesser known interpretations feature hand engraved, two-dimensional creations of high expressive strength and symbolic impact. Whatever the format, Astronomia Art is an unconstrained and unlimited place of imagination.

Astronomia Collection

Astronomia Tourbillon Skulls © Jacob & Co.


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