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Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co. is an artistic visionary Maison that displays boundless creative freedom. Setting a completely new tone, both in terms of design and complications, it celebrates being different.


Jacob Arabo, founder and chairman of Jacob & Co., came to the USA from the former USSR because his family wanted a better life. His father and mother emigrated to the USA with Jacob and his four sisters with nothing but what they could carry, and Jacob soon set out to make the most of this opportunity. Jacob Arabo began his journey in the world of fine jewelry and timepieces as an apprentice with a watchmaker that first summer in America, which is where he forged his fascination with timepieces. 

Soon after, Mr. Arabo took advantage of a program for immigrants and received jewelry training. He found a $125 a week job at a local factory. He excelled at assembling jewelry, but putting together someone else’s designs wasn’t satisfying for him. 

So, after work, he began designing his own pieces and manufacturing them, using a makeshift workspace in his bedroom. His designs caught on and he started to develop a clientele. He was soon making more money with his side business than his job. 

A short time later, with a solid customer base, Jacob quit his day job and opened a small booth in New York City’s bustling diamond district and began designing collections for jewelry brands and private clients. 

In 1986, Mr. Arabo launched his own luxury label, Jacob & Co. He was forging a name for himself, but in the back of his mind, he still thought about watches. 

Once Mr. Arabo found success with his jewelry business, he came back to watches. He started with the Five Timezone watch, where clients could change the look of the watch when they wanted to with different bezels and straps. 

A photo of supermodel Naomi Campbell with the Five Timezone watch put Jacob & Co. on the map for watches. In the meantime, his jewelry business was very successful, with celebrity customers clamoring for his unique designs. 

After a few years, Mr. Arabo e designed a world first, a vertical tourbillon with an outstanding 31-day power reserve, the Quenttin. Film director Quentin Tarantino picked up a Quenttin of his own, and wore it on the cover of Vogue. 

The SF24, the Epic X skeleton, and flying tourbillon baguette watches followed, then Jacob & Co. introduced the groundbreaking Astronomia Tourbillon in 2014. 

Though Jacob & Co.’s high complications often turn tradition on its head, the brand is still applying concepts fundamental to horology. Inspired by making the impossible a reality, the brand has carved out a niche that is unique in both jewelry and high watchmaking. 

All along the way, Jacob & Co. has partnered with the best, including celebrities, supercar maker Bugatti and legendary footballer Lionel Messi. 

Jacob Arabo has gone from rags to diamonds and tourbillons, and he’s not going to stop anytime soon. The brand is committed to pushing the limits of high horology and high jewelry. Echoing the words of American hero Captain John Paul Jones, Mr. Arabo says, with a smile, “I have not yet begun to create.”


Jacob & Co. is founded as a high- and fine-jewelry company by Jacob Arabo. The company quickly finds success with celebrities’ clients like Jay-Z, Madonna, J-Lo, David Beckham, Pharrell Williams, and more.
After its success in high-jewelry making, Jacob & Co enters the watchmaking business with its Five Time Zone model.
Launch of the ground-breaking Astronomia Tourbillon at BaselWorld.
Introduction of the Fleurs de Jardin, the Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon, partnerships with Bugatti and Lionel Messi, and participation for the first time ever in the GPHG (three watches pre-selected) and the watch charity Only Watch.
Introduction of the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+, the Astronomia Art Phoenix, the Fleurs de Jardin Rainbow and many more.

“Inspired by the Impossible” 

Jacob & Co. creates timepieces and jewelry that have captivated celebrities and notables from the watchmaking world and dazzled on fashion’s red carpets and cover shoots. With a unique talent for creating designs that are as innovative as they are spectacular, the company has grown into one of the most recognized luxury brands in timepieces and jewelry. 

At the heart of the company is the passion, drive and creative force of Mr. Arabo. With a respect for traditional craftsmanship and artistry and an ability to envision and realize exquisite jewelry and unique timepieces, he makes the truly extraordinary a reality through the alchemy of edge and elegance. 



Astronomia: Tourbillon, Sky, Solar

The Astronomia was a groundbreaking watch when it was first introducing in 2014. The triple-axis tourbillon powering the movement is a testament to the heritage of Swiss high watchmaking, while nothing else about this timepiece is even remotely traditional. Instead, watchmaking principles are used in innovative ways to create this solar system on the wrist, with its four-armed structure (tourbillon, 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond, magnesium globe, and time display) rotating around the dial constantly.

The Astronomia Sky combines the fascination of the Astronomia, with its turning and spinning satellites, with an astronomical complication. The base of the movement turns once in a sidereal year, while an Oval Sky Indication shows the constellations overheard at any given time.

Complicated but easy to use, thanks to a dedicated app that makes setting the Sky a breeze, the Astronomia Sky continues to Astronomia Collection’s legacy.

Combining a high-watchmaking double-axis tourbillon with precious-stone planets that rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise around the “sun” (a Jacob-cut Citrine with 288 facets), the Astronomia Solar is always changing, and it will change the way you look at luxury watches.

Astronomia Art

The idea to use the Astronomia as a platform for displaying pieces of art is a bold one, but the sapphire case turns out to be the perfect gallery to showcase painstakingly engraved Phoenix, Dragons, and Monkeys; hand-painted Octopi; feather-light Spiders, and other objets d’art.

Fleurs de Jardin

Inspired by the sophisticated mechanism of the Astronomia Solar, the Fleurs de Jardin makes high watchmaking colorful and feminine. The double-axis tourbillon and gemstone flowers on the upper level turn clockwise, while the base dial turns counterclockwise.

Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious

The Twin Turbo is the first high watchmaking sports watch, inspired by the world of supercars. Not only does it feature twin triple axis sequential tourbillons in a sporty case, it also integrates a decimal minute repeater.

The Twin Turbo Furious is a masterpiece of Haute Horlogerie with 832 components in the movement plus another 88 in the case. The Twin Turbo Furious features a combination of complications never before seen in a single watch: twin triple axis sequential high-speed tourbillons, a decimal minute repeater, a monopusher chronograph and an instantaneous differential time display, all in this supercar-inspired timepiece. 

Opera (Godfather, Scarface and Opera Minute Repeater)

Inspired by the world of music, Jacob & Co. worked long and hard to combine high watchmaking with Swiss music boxes, and the result is the Opera Collection.

The Opera Collection combines a triple-axis tourbillon with a Swiss Music Box, while the entire dial turns 120 degrees.

The Opera Godfather Minute Repeater adds a minute repeater to the mix of complications.

Bugatti (Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti, Epic X Chrono Bugatti, Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon)

Luxury watchmaker and jeweler Jacob & Co. and Bugatti, high-performance sports car maker, are collaborating on a series of exclusive co-branded products.  This long-term partnership brings together two giants of cutting-edge design that share a passion for pushing the limits of what seems mechanically possible, crafting the most sophisticated engineering in machines of eye-catching beauty.

Epic X Chronograph

A bold and sporty column-wheel chronograph, the Epic X Chronograph makes a statement on the wrist. Available in a number of materials and colors, the Epic X Chronograph is a watch for every occasion.

The long-term partnership between Lionel Messi and Jacob & Co. uses the Epic X Chrono to create limited editions and unique pieces, incorporating the colors of the flag of Argentina, Messi’s famous number 10, his stylized “M” logo and his signature on the caseback.

Epic SF24

The SF24 is meant to invoke a vintage feel, while at the same time using a sophisticated watchmaking mechanism to reinvigorate a world time watch. Inspired by the Split-Flap boards in airports and train stations, this hyper-complicated mechanical movement is simple to use.

Oil Pump and Pioneer

The tradition of automatons in watchmaking is long and varied, normally with a very traditional focus. Jacob & Co. excels in traditional watchmaking, with a modern twist, which perfectly describes the Oil Pump. These are traditional automatons, with contemporary subjects – the oil and the construction industries.


The Brilliant collection, including Brilliant Flying Tourbillon, Brilliant Skeleton, and Brilliant Mystery, is a simple, beautiful collection for all the important moments of a woman’s life. Combining high watchmaking with high jewelry, for a very special woman.


Cut From A Different Cloth

Known the world over for producing exquisite timepieces dripping with luxuriousness. Cases adorned with diamonds, platinum, gold and various other precious metals and stones. They are also equipped with diamond and precious gem encrusted bezels and bracelets and sapphire crystals. These timepieces are more jewelry than watch, yet they still help you count down the seconds in style. Offering models in stainless steel as well as precious metals, they truly have made their mark on the watchmaking world as wrist candy for the stars.

Watchmaker To The Stars

Scour the catwalk, awards nights, music videos and concerts of the rich and famous and a Jacob & Co won’t be far from the wrist of the elites. Comments have even been made, referencing the jeweler in many songs. Worn by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Zay-Z, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez these beautiful pieces of jewelry certainly impress. When wearing one on the red carpet, the stars know they are in good hands, as Jacob the jeweler knows how to create pieces that easily highlight their individuality. Producing pieces for men and women, these are the kind of watches that mean to impress.

The Billionaire Watch

The Billionaire Watch is perhaps the ultimate in excess for the wrist. When ordinary won’t do, the billionaire starts to shine. 18K white gold case encrusted with 260 carats of diamonds, spanning, the case, dial and bracelet. The dial showcases 12 baguette cut diamonds, one for each hour, which is housed inside a protective sapphire crystal. This is a timepiece that surely will impress and receive more than a few casual comments, the Billionaire truly is a special piece cut from a very different cloth.

Palatial Five Time Zone

The Palatial Five TIme Zone allows the wearer to be able to know the time in five different regions throughout the earth, the ultimate for the elite world traveller. Showcased in stainless steel or black PVD coating, this model is not offered with a bracelet, only a leather strap.

The time is not set via one standard crown, instead each is individually controlled by its own crown enabling the hands of each time-zone to be set individually. All models feature a scratch resistant crystal.

Constant Improvement

Not content with resting on their laurels for a minute, the brand easily go from strength to strength. As more celebrities climb on board we won’t see a slow down anytime soon in this powerhouse of the industry. WIth the power of celebrities on their side, there is no stopping what amazing creations will come next.