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Montblanc - What moves you, makes you

Montblanc What moves you, makes you

As part of the latest wave of its brand campaign - What Moves You, Makes You - Montblanc introduces two additional Mark Makers, actor Cillian Murphy and international DJ Peggy Gou

When Montblanc launched its new brand campaign What Moves You, Makes You last year, it set out to inspire people to express their full potential by doing what truly moves them, rather than following a more conventional path to success. It did so by telling the extraordinary stories of “Mark Makers”, individuals living their life doing what inspires them the most and leaving their mark along the way. After spotlighting the journeys of award-winning director Spike Lee, actor Taron Egerton, actor, singer and writer Chen Kun and actress Xin Zhi Lei, Montblanc is telling the stories of two exceptional Mark Makers: Cillian Murphy and Peggy Gou.

“Cillian and Peggy are both Mark Makers, inspiring individuals who embody the ethos of Montblanc,” says Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc EVP Marketing. “They are both living proof that when you do what inspires you with audacity and creativity, you lead a more fulfilling life. In their own original ways, they both leave their mark in the world through their artistry and creativity, always driven by their passions and a higher purpose.”

Irish-born stage and film actor Cillian Murphy who has starred in films The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, and Dunkirk and currently stars in critically acclaimed TV series Peaky Blinders, is always striving to push his craft forward, and move others through his own performances. “Emotion of the story is the thing that is key for me”, he explains. “If I don’t feel altered by the story and the truth of the performance then it hasn’t worked for me as a performer and a viewer.”

What moves you, makes you

Cillian Murphy © Montblanc

South Korean Peggy Gou always follows her passions as she forges her own unique path to becoming a successful DJ, record label founder and fashion entrepreneur. In a series of short films created by Montblanc, Peggy invites us into her world. In a satirical twist on a classic Q&A, Peggy becomes both the interviewer and the interviewee, having a conversation with her multiple selves and sharing her many facets. They talk about her identity and work, from music to style to food, revealing a more intimate and authentic picture of the rising star, and the things that truly move her.

“Something should move you to be better,” says Peggy Gou. “To do better. If you don‘t feel that, I feel like you are in a safe zone and you should find something that moves you. Always.”

What moves you, makes you

Peggy Gou © Montblanc

With her compelling performances in both film and television, Xin Zhi Lei has made a lasting impression on audiences across China demonstrating her ability to craft distinctive characters in movies Crosscurrent and Brotherhood of Blades II. Xin was chosen for the campaign because she always remains true to her original beliefs, and never stops exploring new possibilities in her journey as an actress.

Original Mark Maker Chen Kun returns for the second wave of the campaign, featured in new exclusive film and images. A new film reveals that going deep into a role and finding the best way to interpret it is what moves actor Chen Kun. As he meditates, he thinks of all the possible ways to deliver the performance in his head. In his mind space, he walks into an endless black room dragging a large calligraphy brush. He starts by dipping the brush in an inkstone next to him, then he pushes the brush onto the wall and delivers a graceful stroke, ‘Every stroke matters’ he says peacefully. Not satisfied with that stroke, he starts again, causing another Chen to appear next to him, tying the line in a different way and creating a new version of himself until he finds one of his best performances, with his Montblanc pen.

As part of their partnership with Montblanc, the Mark Makers will appear sporting pieces from the new UltraBlack Collection. Created by award-winning agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the campaign rolls out globally from August 24th, and will deliver the message, What Moves You, Makes You, and will convey the message that Montblanc products are made to accompany you on your journey as you pursue what you love


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