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RALF TECH - New WRV Electric Black "Operator"

RALF TECH New WRV Electric Black "Operator"

Following the launch of the WRV Electric in January, RALF TECH is now introducing a new version of the WRV in the colors of the mythical "Black Operator" or "Black O" for the aficionados

Directly inspired by the military (the differences are invisible to the eye), this civilian model combines discretion and furtiveness through an almost monochromatic design, very subtly. However, let's go back to the beginning of the story...


Designed in 2012 by Frank Huyghe, the WRV is the second watch model to see the light of day at RALF TECH. Featuring an original design that takes us back to a time when scuba diving was considered a dangerous sport reserved for the elite and a few military divers, the WRV adapts to all situations without denying its origins...

New WRV Electric Black

WRV Electric Black Operator © RALF TECH

Indeed, the WRV follows the path imagined by its predecessor, the WRX: instinct, initial design, feedback and final design.

A WRV 2.0

Always in search of new challenges, the Maison has been pursuing an intensive campaign of deep-water sea trials since 2019 with the help of the French Navy to test new technical solutions, both in terms of robustness and waterproofing.

This WRV is, among other things, equipped with an exclusive "Electric" movement, a Ceramfine® bezel and an innovative encapsulation system guaranteeing a certified water resistance of up to 300 meters.

New WRV Electric Black

WRV Electric Black Operator © RALF TECH

Exit the Hybrid movement, this new WRV is powered by an exclusive "Electric" movement developed in-house. Like its big sister, this new WRV offers hour and minute functions. As for its power reserve, it can go up to 100,000 hours, whereas most mechanisms offer a reserve of only 40 hours.

Among other changes, this new WRV is fitted with a new case back with an encapsulation system. This system, unique in the world, allows to seal the back of the watch to the case, guaranteeing an optimal waterproofness. Only RALF TECH has the right tools to open and close this new WRV, and will be able to guarantee their water-resistance after revisions.

Iconic design

In the same spirit as the WRX Black Operator but with a design of its own, the new WRV keeps its wiser, smoother and definitely diving type barrel shape.

Very much inspired by the divers of the 70s, the WRV combines the aesthetic codes of this period of freedom with the constraints of an operational watch.

This black PVD version is directly inspired by the military world, offering discretion and stealth to the wearer.

Exclusive mouvement

The new WRV Electric is equipped with the latest type of movement from RALF TECH.
Developed in Switzerland especially for our Maison, this new movement works according to a micro hybridation system. It combines precision, reliability and energy savings.

Built on the mechaquartz base of the Hybrid movement used in previous generations of WRVs, the RTE001 movement reduces the number of moving parts and simplifies the power supply to the quartz.

Its autonomy can offer up to 100,000 hours or almost 12 years, where most movements offer a power reserve of 40 hours for automatic watches and about 2 years for traditional quartz watches.

A new waterproof system

In addition, the new WRVs are now equipped with a "case back" with a new "encapsulation" system. This innovation allows the back of the watch to be sealed to the case, guaranteeing optimal water resistance. In order to secure the maintenance of the WRV, only RALF TECH has the specific tooling to open and close the case back of the new models, thus guaranteeing the original water-resistance of the WRV, revision after revision.

Nouvelle WRV Electric Black

WRV Electric Black Operator © RALF TECH

A minimal maintenance program

As most WRV users are professionals, the initial idea was to simplify their daily life. Usually away from home and evolving in difficult conditions, their watch must remain an efficient and reliable tool.

Associated with our new waterproofing system, this new movement allows to reduce to a minimum the maintenance of these last generation WRV.

With a visit every 10 years, we will be able to check the watch's energy system, change all the gaskets and re-encapsulate the watch, thus ensuring peace of mind for WRV users for the next 10 years.

Spectacular technical features !

Sapphire crystal with anti-scratch treatment, the thickest on the market (for a serial watch) with a thickness of 3.5mm, a case body of 7mm in strategic places, wide straps, Ceramfine bezels for the most extreme ones, water-resistance guaranteed up to 300 meters for some finishes, the WRV are intrinsically high-performance tools.

These new innovations now make them a must-have tool in terms of efficiency.

Operating in a range of use from -10° to +55°, its resistance to shocks and vibrations is exceptional. With 12 years of power reserve, its autonomy reaches records. Its dial makes it ultra legible. These technical characteristics, validated by sea trials, are the sum of all RALF TECH's know-how.

Assembled in France, completing the existing Mechanical Chronograph with Automatic Winding, Mechanical with Automatic Winding and Electric versions, this new version should logically be added to the list of essential references of "Tool Watches" for adventure professionals, whether military or civilian.

Finally, their performance and design should finally captivate fans of alternative watchmaking.


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In 1996, professional diver Frank Huyghe created the RALF TECH brand: diving suits, buoyancy compensators, regulators, masks, etc. In 2003, on the strength of his personal experience, he designed a watch that could withstand the enormous pressures of the ocean depths and beat the World Record of deep diving. This was the RALF TECH WR1.

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