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RALF TECH - WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny

RALF TECH WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny

WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny, the ultimate collaboration!

Developed with the help of French Special Forces combat swimmers, the WRX Millenium Lefty has been a reference for the military and for the watch world since 2014. This outstanding tool watch condenses the hi-tech and practical solutions developed by the brand into one remarkable timepiece. For this new and exclusive series, RALF TECH has teamed up with Peter Gunny, the Indonesian-based maker of some of the world’s most coveted, handcrafted, exotic leather straps. Here’s a roundup of the different elements that give this WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny its unique personality…


RALF TECH has chosen Grade 1 titanium (T35) for the case. A high level of resistance and ductility in extreme conditions make this 99.8% pure titanium ideally suited to use by France’s Special Forces operators.

This aerospace-grade titanium is used in the chemical industry as well as in engineering for its outstanding deformability. Excellent resistance to salt-water corrosion makes it the logical choice for marine and offshore environments, and for RALF TECH.

A density of 4.51g/cm3 versus 7.9g/cm3 means it is some 40% lighter than stainless steel; a benefit that can be felt on the wrist.

Grade 1 titanium’s biocompatibility is also greater than that of stainless steel, hence the WRX Millennium is hypoallergenic and can be safely worn against the skin.

The case of the WRX Millenium Lefty is rated anti-magnetic to Swiss Industry Standard NIHS 90-10.

Over the years, this Grade 1 titanium will develop a patina so that ultimately, no two WRX Millenium will look the same: the guarantee for their owner that their watch is truly and for ever unique.


The bezel of the WRX Millenium Lefty is built from the same Grade 1 titanium (T35) as the case, with an insert in Ceramfine®: an innovative alloy of 92% ceramic and 8% Grade 4 titanium. Advantages include excellent shock resistance for a minimum of torsion.

A special surface treatment protects against fingerprints (no unsightly smudges!) as well as the majority of damaging substances such as solvents, petrochemicals and acids.

Naturally, the bezel only rotates anticlockwise so that, in the event of an accidental knock, dive time will be accurately and safely measured.

WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny

WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny © RALF TECH


The WRX Millenium Lefty is powered by the RTA002® automatic movement. Well-known among the brands’ many fans, it delivers precision, reliability and endurance.


Since 2008 Peter Gunny and his team of artisans have been custom-making straps for collectors and celebrities. Arnold Schwarzenegger, for one, is a regular customer. Gunny is renowned for his vintage-style straps and was a natural choice to create the strap for this exclusive version of the WRX Millenium Lefty.

WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny

WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny © RALF TECH

Cut, patinated and stitched entirely by hand, this strap is exceptional on more than one count. Its construction is unlike that of any other RALF TECH strap, moulding to the wrist like a second skin despite its 7mm thickness. Made from farm-reared buffalo leather, a carbon-based “secret potion” gives it the distinctive appearance, blending the natural colour with hints of grey, that sets it apart. 


Twenty-two pieces and not one more. Twenty-two: a favourite figure at RALF TECH and also the smallest series by the brand. The automatic WRX Millenium Lefty X Peter Gunny is one of the most exclusive editions ever from RALF TECH and will not be reissued.

An iconic watch matched with the magic of a Peter Gunny strap makes this a remarkable collaboration and one of RALF TECH’s most desirable creations ever.

Just twenty-two…


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In 1996, professional diver Frank Huyghe created the RALF TECH brand: diving suits, buoyancy compensators, regulators, masks, etc. In 2003, on the strength of his personal experience, he designed a watch that could withstand the enormous pressures of the ocean depths and beat the World Record of deep diving. This was the RALF TECH WR1.

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