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WorldTempus Team Test
Ralph Lauren - Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

WorldTempus goes back in time with the Polo Vintage 67

Marie de Pimodan

To those who thought the neo-retro trend was on the wane, Ralph Lauren reminds us that there are still some great creative angles to explore. The boss of preppy chic has just added a Polo Vintage 67 to the family photo of Polo watches, directly inspired by timepieces from the 1920s and 30s, a period he is particularly fond of. First impressions on the wrist: it is particularly comfortable on the wrist to start, borrowing all the aesthetic codes of watches from this period, although its 40mm size is perhaps a little on the contemporary size, meaning that it may have a retro look, but there is nothing old-fashioned about it. A steel case with a nice patina is flanked by an onion-shaped crown and is paired with a silver opaline dial with black lacquered numerals, a minute track, a small seconds hand and six o’clock, and an interchangeable burnished calf leather strap. The look of the Polo Vintage 67 carries the brand’s style heritage; a timeless timepiece powered by a hand-wound calibre that provides a 90-hour power reserve. A success from all points of view, both technically and aesthetically speaking!

Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 © WorldTempus/Marie de Pimodan

Jordy Bellido

“Oh my goodness!” is all I can hear as I make my way from my desk, past my colleagues, to the kitchen. I can finally die in peace now that I have known what it feels like to be famous! The subject of this popularity is not me, unfortunately, but the Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 on my wrist. “Vintage” is the keyword for this model. From the style of the font to the leather strap, the elegant hands to the dial colour and case shape, this new Polo is an eye-catching magnet. Wear it on your wrist and any sartorial lapses will be forgiven, with any lapses in taste being eclipsed instead. With its simple, uncluttered dial and oversized numerals, the Polo Vintage 67 is highly legible, so you can sneak a peek at your wrist and slip out of any celebrity party!

Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 © WorldTempus/Jordy Bellido

Jean-Christophe Teigner

This is a true Easy Rider! Whether you prefer to travel by motorbike, bicycle, or on foot, the latest Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 is just super stylish, and that’s what this American house is all about. Following the neo-vintage trend of the last few years, this timepiece is particularly unique with its design that takes us back to the 1920s. At first glance, I wasn’t really expecting a mechanical movement, but to my surprise, there is a hand-wound mechanical calibre from La Joux-Perret, the LJP7380, powering this timepiece, with a power reserve of 90 hours, no less! You will be able to drive for hours with it! With a price of CHF 2,430, here is another reason to find it attractive. All in all, this new timepiece from Ralph Lauren is surely going to be a huge success and an elegant invitation to travel in style, and as I am also a little “neo-vintage”, the watch is rather suiting me to a tee!

Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 © WorldTempus/Jean-Christophe Teigner

Sophie Furley

The first time I saw the new Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 was when the brand brought it in to the office for a sneak preview a few months ago. We admired it, played with its strap (you can wear it with or without the cuff part), and generally fussed over it like as if it was a friend’s newborn baby! I think I tried it on three times, that’s how much I wanted to get my hands on it! This week, I was able to keep it for 24 hours and my love for it has not ceased to grow. I love how comfortable it is on the wrist. We don’t talk enough about comfort, which is a shame because it is incredibly important in our first appreciation of a timepiece, and the Polo Vintage 67 gets top marks. Next, I love the design; It has this vintage feel and yet it is highly contemporary at the same time. I think it is the mix of the oversized Arabic numerals and hands and this quite prominent POLO logo. It works a treat! And lastly, I love that I can read it without my glasses on. It makes me feel young and there aren’t many products that can do that!

Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 © WorldTempus/Sophie Furley

Suzanne Wong

Fun fact about the bund strap — its name comes from Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany), formed in 1949. Watches with this style of strap were issued to German military pilots of the era, the extra leather piece designed to sit between the wrist and the watch in order to shield the pilot’s skin from extreme temperature fluctuations in the cockpit that could be transmitted via the conductive metal of the watch case. Effectively, it was an additional cuff that the watch would be worn over, for pragmatic purposes. The Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 is reminiscent of mid- to late 20th-century timepieces, its silvered dial printed with large Arabic numerals and wide, legible hands, surmounted by a box-style crystal. While the sandblasted steel case is perfectly comfortable on the wrist, the bund strap adds a level of style straight from the history books.

Team Test: WorldTempus X Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 © WorldTempus/Suzanne Wong



Lecture 1 Comment(s)

17 February 2023
Nadin Jason
Ralph Lauren really knocked it out of the park with this piece. Absolutely gorgeous

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