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Reuge - Music Shower

Reuge Music Shower

The Reuge Manufacture continues to innovate in the world of music, this time with an experience so unexpected it might even be over your head...

Swiss music box manufacturer Reuge is promoting another innovative approach to music. Every item the company offers, whether contemporary or traditional in design, uses miniature cylinders to create music mechanically. Reuge continues to reinterpret its centuries-old savoir-faire through exclusive partnerships. 

Among this year’s innovations is a “Music Shower”. No, there’s no water, and you’re unlikely to want one in your bathroom. It’s a shower of music that cascades down, enveloping the listener in a cone of sound that is focused exclusively on the person underneath.

The music shower with its powerfully emotive design invites the listener into a private auditory experience, thanks to a new and patented targeted sound diffusion technology. A directional speaker is able to detect the listener, then immerse them in a cone of mechanical music over an area of around four square metres. The listener located under the device finds themselves in a kind of personal musical bubble; their musical experience remains private and nearby people are undisturbed, but they remain connected with their surroundings.

The Swiss music box manufacturer based in Sainte-Croix has teamed up with startup Hidacs, an offshoot of the EPFL’s Laboratory of Electromagnetism and Acoustics (LEMA) to create Reuge’s biggest mechanical musical movement ever. Measuring 0.22 cubic metres and weighing 35 kg, the Music Shower is as unusual as it is exciting.


Developed as part of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project, the “SounD Dots” technology combines tradition and innovation, mechanical gears and digital algorithms, to explore the concept of vertical projection of ultra high-quality sound. The Music Shower comprises 144 individually hand-tuned notes. 

As Reuge says: “When one thinks of mechanical music boxes one is immediately transported back to childhood; the sweet musicality of their soothing notes has a profoundly reassuring effect.” In a world of omnipresent smart technology and saturated auditory environments, people increasingly choose to isolate themselves behind their earphones, losing contact with the world around them. The music shower is an antidote to this almost involuntary self-absorption and social distancing. 

The Music Shower symbolises the alliance between Swiss mechanical tradition and cutting-edge audio technology. With its increasingly ingenious, surprising and sometimes alarming inventions, the world of mechanical luxury is definitely exploring new ground!



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