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TAG Heuer - The TAG Heuer connected

TAG Heuer The TAG Heuer connected

Two anticipated updates for water sports and running

Building on the success of its recently introduced Wellness app and new golf features, the TAG Heuer Connected is once again expanding its in-house developed range of apps dedicated to sports, with the introduction of a top-of-the-line swimming tracker as well as new options tailored to runners.

Underscoring its commitment to creating a timepiece that supports an active lifestyle and performance measurement, TAG Heuer listened closely to feedback from customers and users to develop these new features and continue delivering a best-in-class digital experience.

The TAG Heuer connected

© TAG Heuer

The multisport app can now be used for swimming in addition to running, cycling, walking, fitness and golf. With its sleek design and advanced functionality, the TAG Heuer Connected offers swimmers a continuous experience in and out of the pool by focusing on performance and progress tracking in the water while staying elegant “on shore” – without losing a second to switch their timepiece.

Connected in the pool

The new addition to the TAG Heuer Sport app now makes it possible for pool swimmers to measure and record their performance in the pool using their TAG Heuer Connected. On the watch’s touchscreen dial, the swimmer can see metrics for the number of laps completed, total distance and interval breakdowns. On their smartphone, they can explore additional detailed information such as calories burned, analysis of strokes and pace, and a summary of the entire session.

The most sophisticated data the app can provide swimmers with their SWOLF score. This complex metric and important performance indicator is calculated by adding the seconds and strokes taken to swim 25 or 50 metres. It shows the swimmer their lap efficiency and gives them a strategic benchmark that they can use to continuously improve. The lower the score, the better the pool session.

The TAG Heuer connected

TAG Heuer Connected 45 mm © TAG Heuer

The Swimming app also offers automatic lap detection, using the watch’s accelerometer and gyroscope with a dedicated algorithm to detect the start and finish of each lap, in order to measure the full distance of the session. While swimming, the always-on screen will display the elapsed time, number of laps completed, total distance and interval breakdowns.

And for an even smoother and more refined experience, TAG Heuer has developed a custom algorithm to detect the swim type per lap. The watch can identify four different types of strokes and styles – freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly – and the swim type per interval will be available in the detailed breakdown of the swimmer’s session on their mobile device.

And for swimmers looking for advanced insights into their performance, the TAG Heuer Connected will also monitor the pace, strokes and intervals of each session.

The “pace” is a measurement of the time taken to swim a set distance of 100 metres. The pace graph on the app shows the evolution of this indicator.

The “stroke” metric counts each arm’s swim cycle using the gyroscope of the watch and, thanks to a dedicated algorithm, it can also display the number of strokes per lap. This new feature provides valuable feedback on each lap so the swimmer can keep track of and improve their performance during the session.

Finally, the “intervals” feature is very useful to users who mix different activities during their session or wish to break it up into increments or repetitions, so an interval will automatically be created when the swimmer resumes the session from a break.

Though the OLED touchscreen does not work under water, the swimmer can set the mechanical pushers to start, stop or pause and resume their session in and out of the pool. The TAG Heuer Connected is water-resistant to 50 metres/5 ATM, so it is suitable for shallow-water activities in the pool, but it should not be worn for activities such as diving or waterskiing. The TAG Heuer Connected should always be rinsed in fresh water and dried after use.

The indoor Running app

Complementing the new swimming experience, TAG Heuer is also bringing fresh updates to its existing Running app, with exciting new features for indoor running activities.

The TAG Heuer connected

TAG Heuer Connected 45 mm © TAG Heuer

This new version will allow indoor runners to see at a glance which heart rate zone they are in. Then, at the end of their session, they can input the total distance recorded by the treadmill into the watch, which will automatically calculate the pace of the session.

Another novelty included in this update is a dedicated heart rate screen, designed and developed in-house for users who want to focus primarily on their heart rate during a sports activity. Just by checking their watch, they can see their heart rate zone and percentage of maximum heart rate. The five zone levels go from warm-up (zone 1) to peak (zone 5) and runners can use these levels to modulate the intensity of their training depending on their personal cardiovascular fitness goals.

The mobile device app will also provide a full analysis post-run, with a colour-coded heart rate graph and the time spent in each zone. Beyond running, the heart rate tracker can be used for all types of cardio exercise, indoors and outdoors.

Boosting performance and style

The TAG Heuer Sport app can be updated automatically overnight using Wi-Fi or manually by going to the Google Play Store on the watch, tapping “My Apps” and installing the available updates. For a life of action and activity, this smartwatch is as much a reliable tool to measure performance as it is a stylish and versatile accessory designed with TAG Heuer’s unmistakable identity.


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