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Wrist Stories - Six Trends under Expert Eyes

Wrist Stories Six Trends under Expert Eyes

As the heads of GMT’s various editions around the world, they are immersed in the trends of their readers in these different regions, which represent around 20 countries

We asked them this question: what is the most exciting watchmaking trend on your market today? 

Vritti Jadwani Jain, Founder & Editor-in-Chief GMT India

“Indians may be recent entrants, but the fact that we have joined the watch collecting bandwagon is rather evident now! What is even more amazing is that it is not only men who are actively collecting timepieces, but also women who are seeking out luxury watches. And if there is one trend that truly stood out for me in 2022, I would say it was how men started appreciating smaller dials, and women no longer shied away from the bigger ones. I must also mention that it was the soaring popularity of the MoonSwatch that allowed this trend to trickle down to a larger demographic. All in all, I think 2022 was a landmark year for luxury timepieces and how they were perceived by watch enthusiasts across the globe."

Six Trends under Expert Eyes

Vritti Jadwani Jain © GMT India

Jacqueline Tsang, Editorial Director,Tatler Asia x GMT

“Asians love technology and we are well versed in hi-tech developments and the latest gadgets; what can get our blood really pumping though, are fresh innovations with historic or low tech. Whether it’s Audemars Piguet’s 11.59 Starwheel featuring a wandering hours mechanism that dates back to the 17th century, or Omega’s Seamaster Diver 60 Years of James Bond that uses the moiré optical illusion to create the iconic gun barrel sequence from the movies, the most memorable watches are the ones that bridge old and new, history and innovation, in inspiring and beautiful ways.”

Six Trends under Expert Eyes

Jacqueline Tsang © Tatler Asia x GMT

Eunyoung Pyoung, Editor-in-Chief GMT Korea

 “What is interesting about the Korean watch market is that the customers are sensitive to global trends and follow them very quickly. Therefore, most people were enthusiastic about watches that would increase in value over time and be truly worth owning, and their needs were exceptionally focused on iconic models. Then watch lovers began to pursue practicality when purchasing the next item. This has stirred up a growing interest in watches that are light and more comfortable to wear in everyday life. Recently, customers have shown they care a lot about watch styling too, such as layering a watch with a bracelet or changing straps of varying materials or colors.” 

Six Trends under Expert Eyes

Eunyoung Pyoung © GMT Korea

Jola Chudy, Editor-in-Chief GMT GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

“Here in the GCC, regional editions hold a special place in the hearts of collectors. With watch clubs flourishing, collectors are eager to acquire horological offerings from Switzerland that pay tribute to the culture and heritage of this region. Whether that is timepieces evoking national colors, the landscape or culture, brands that get what makes Arab connoisseurs tick are reaping growth and loyalty. At GMT GCC, we are excited, too! We love getting personal previews from our friends in Europe, so please let us know when you are visiting and we will be sure to welcome you with our famous Arabian hospitality while you are in town.”

Six Trends under Expert Eyes

Jola Chudy © GMT GCC

Marie de Pimodan, Editor-in-Chief Lady by GMT

“The trend that stands out most, in my opinion, echoes the empowerment of women. It is no longer enough to reserve small, delicate models, set with diamonds and driven by quartz movements for them. Women are also asking for watches with real technical substance and aesthetics in keeping with what they have decided to use them for. Today, many women are pleased that lines are finally starting to shift towards greater equality in the watch range: a few brands now call some of their collections unisex. There is still a way to go but, in my opinion, we are heading in the right direction."

Six Trends under Expert Eyes

Marie de Pimodan © Lady by GMT

Deremi Ajidahun, Editor-in-Chief GMT Africa

"With the ‘big boys’ still very much in demand, we see a trend in the exploration of new possibilities and more affordable alternatives. Whilst everyone wants an investable timepiece, they are also ready to spend on models they want to enjoy. Although we also see a trend of men wearing smaller watches and women enjoying larger ones, our biggest trend is the emergence of a new set of watch lovers: the young watch enthusiasts made up of entrepreneurs and professionals who want to delve deeper into the genuine art of watch collecting. These trends will definitely continue through 2023 and 2024.”

Six Trends under Expert Eyes

Deremi Ajidahun © GMT Africa

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