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Born in Italy, crafted in Switzerland. The history of Anonimo watches is unmistakably linked to the pioneering exploits of Italy’s naval divers and alpini militare.


Established in 1997 in Florence by a group of watch lovers who were convinced that the product should be bigger than the brand, Anonimo moved to Switzerland in 2013. The brand thus brings together Swiss precision with a typical Italian sport-chic lifestyle. Anonimo was a pioneer in the use of bronze in watch cases and produces imposing and robust models.

The Militare and Nautilo models are characterised by a cushion-shaped case and an atypical design. The dials have a minimalist look with a triangular arrangement of oversized numerals that recall the capital "A" in the brand's name.

In 2018, a third line, EPURATO, took the main identity markers of the brand and keeps an automatic movement. More refined, and with a smaller diameter that its bigger stable mates, this elegant line is also eminently contemporary. Equipped with a new interchangeability system for its straps, it is now easy to combine both structure and colour depending on one’s desires: an absolute must in the era of personalization.

Anonimo is founded in Florence, Italy and the Milimetri collection is launched.
The Militare collection is launched.
The Nautilo collection is launched.
The company moves to Switzerland.
Reorganisation and restructuring to breathe new life into the brand.

Anonimo watches build on the standards that were set by the original wrist instruments supplied to the Italian navy’s daredevil divers. The requirements are simple: a robust, resistant design with clearly legible dials. The impression of solidity is reinforced by the use of robust materials such as DLC-treated steel and zinc-enriched marine bronze, which creates a unique aesthetic that is also a nod to the marine origins of Florentine watchmaking.


Militare Classic

This is a reworked design of a watch developed by Anonimo in 2001 for Italian combat divers. Its distinguishing element is a patented system for protecting the crown between the lugs at 12 o’clock.


A reinterpretation of a diving watch designed by military engineer Dino Zei, the 20th century refounder of Florentine watchmaking, the Nautilo also features a special case design to protect the crown, which is placed in an unusual position at 4 o’clock.


Everything you should know about Anonimo watches.

Anonimo Chrono, Anonimo Militare, Anonimo Nautilo or Anonimo Vintage? Let the professionals guide you.

What are Anonimo watches?

Anonimo watch brand celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2017 with a revamp of its two main collections (Anonimo Militare and Anonimo Nautilo) and a clear-cut improvement in their value for money, a move welcomed by the media and retailers alike during Baselworld 2017. Finishing is greatly enhanced, while the prices of Anonimo watches remain unchanged. From among the fifteen references of the Anonimo Nautilo collection for example, a steel with black dial model is sold for less than CHF 2000. Inspired by the world of diving and Italian design, Anonimo watches are made in Switzerland to take full advantage of the country’s world renowned professional watchmaking skills. Its movements are Swiss-made, by ETA or Sellita, while the bracelets provide an Italian aesthetic to the watches.

The Essentials of the Anonimo Militare watch

Known for its patented crown at 12 o’clock on a large cushion-shape case and its numerous versions in bronze, the Anonimo Militare collection is comprised of nearly twenty references. Prices range from CHF 2800. to CHF 4950. – in the neighbourhood of CHF 3000 for the limited series in bronze pieces – available for purchase on the brand’s site. Anonimo Militare watches consist mainly of automatic versions with date at 9 o’clock, and chronograph versions. The collection is regularly animated with limited themed series such as the 2017 Militare Alpini with camouflage pattern (issued in 97 units with reference to the brand’s year of birth) or the Anonimo Militare Vintage (see below).

What you should know about the Anonimo Militare Chrono

Anonimo Militare Chrono watches are recognisable at a glance with their two push buttons at 2 and 4 o’clock, and their different coloured dials with two central counter displays surrounded by bold numbers of 12, 4, and 8. The end of the seconds hand is characterized by a red triangle. Anonimo Militare Chrono watches are produced in small series, some of which are already no longer available on the brand’s official site. Robust, the cases are made of steel, bronze or titanium, sometimes coated with black DLC. The famous notched bezel is a pleasure for the eyes and the touch. Prices for Anonimo Militare Chronos start at less than CHF 3650. with limited bronze series pieces not exceeding CHF 4950.

Sailing with the Anonimo Nautilo watch

Launched in 2005, the Anonimo Nautilo watch features an original case shape that integrates the crown for maximum protection. It perpetuates the nautical heritage of the brand with limited series such as the Nautilo Sailing Edition, and with different partnerships from the world of regattas -- Anonimo Nautilo was the sponsor of the SUI Sailing Awards (the official awards of Swiss sailing), of the multi-winner SFS monohull sailboat in carbon fiber, and of the high-tech GC32 Tour catamaran circuit. The automatic Anonimo Nautilo watch is accessible from CHF 1950. and available in a number of steel and bronze versions, some with ceramic bezels. Practical, the date is indicated at 6 o’clock. The Anonimo Nautilo is one of the rare watches selected by WorldTempus in 2016 and again in 2017 for its “pieces uniques” operation. The 2017 collection features bright colours on the dials and straps.

Celebrating Anonimo’s twentieth anniversary with the Anonimo Militare Vintage

Anonimo watches are celebrating their twentieth anniversary with the Anonimo Militare Vintage watch. The Swiss brand with Italian design is reissuing the Vintage model of the Militare collection with a very legible eggshell-coloured dial in an automatic version with small seconds at 3 o’clock. Small red numbers – 24 above 12 o’clock (with 15, 18 and 21 positioned respectively above 3, 6 and 9 o’clock) and a “Militare Vintage” logo have been added onto the dial. The logo has also been added to the powerful and modern chronograph version of the Anonimo Militare Vintage watch.