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Armin Strom

The ARMIN STROM manufacture expresses the very substance of its founder’s legacy. Its guiding principle is that of reinterpreting watchmaking tradition. To this end, it applies the principle of making movements visible and decorating them at every stage of their design and production.


The history of the ARMIN STROM manufacture began with that of its founder. Armin Strom was born in the picturesque Emmental hills in 1938. He left his father's bakery to learn the trade of watchmaker. During his youth, this profession enabled him to sell his watches in well-known resorts such as St. Moritz, where his services were appreciated by a highly demanding clientele. However, in 1967 an undreamed-of opportunity was to change his destiny: he was able to buy a store in the medieval town of Berthoud. This shop, with a large workshop, was the ideal place for setting up a business where he could devote himself to what had become an increasingly all-consuming passion for the master watchmaker – working on watches to enhance them and add more functions.

At first carried out during his spare time, the results of this line of work were soon on display in the window, attracting customers. Armin Strom then began to become established as a name that was synonymous with attention to detail. It was a signature that gave full meaning to the expression “the patience of a goldsmith”. This was followed by major recognition – assemblers from all over the world and the biggest brands placed orders with the man who by now was known as the “skeletisation master”.

This personal success provided Armin Strom with the opportunity to rise to a new challenge: sharing and passing on his art in order to keep it alive. To do so he established a partnership with Willy Michel, an industrialist and watch-lover, founding the company ARMIN STRONG AG in 2006. Heading up this new entity was Willy's son, Serge Michel, along with manufacturer Claude Greisler. Their modern vision of watchmaking, combined with the unshakable values of the brand's founder, led to fresh development thanks to which ARMIN STROM AG now offers a completely new take on skeletisation.

Some twenty or so people work in the hi-tech manufacture's premises, which opened in Bienne in 2009. Production focuses exclusively on limited editions, gathered together into collections presented annually at Baselworld and sold worldwide. Armin Strom retired in 2011, at the age of 74. He has successfully passed on his passion, determination and integrity to the next generation – and these qualities are to be found in the design of each and every ARMIN STROM watch.

“Armin Strom AG” founded.
The Manufacture in Bienne opens; presentation of the first in-house movement.
Presentation of the Tourbillon caliber.
A revolution in Watchmaking - the Mirrored Force Resonance, a resonating dual regulator developed for maximum precision with its whole captivating mechanism on full display dial side.
Launch of the Minute Repeater Resonance, the world's first resonance chiming wristwatch, and launch of the Gravity Equal Force, the world’s first automatic watch that delivers constant power, and is therefore very precise.
Launch of the Orbit, whose date can be read on the bezel.

The ARMIN STROM manufacture expresses the very substance of its founder’s legacy. Its guiding principle is that of reinterpreting watchmaking tradition. To this end, it applies the principle of making movements visible and decorating them at every stage of their design and production.

As a result, the brand's horological treasures show off the hidden time of the movements and their complications, using open working techniques as a creative tenet that requires incessant reinvention. The brand currently has four in-house calibres, inlcuding a tourbillon.

The high level of vertical integration at Armin Strom does not just allow independence from suppliers, it also allows its designers to achieve the perfect realisation of their horological ideas.



First watch from the Biel-based Manufacture to feature an automatic winding mechanism with micro rotor. With this first series of automatic watches driven by the Manufacture’s new AMR13 calibre, ARMIN STROM wanted to express the essence of a fundamental law of physics – that of gravity. Thus, the laws of gravity are used in an automatic watch to transform movements into a mode of indicating the time. However, the ARMIN STROM Gravity does not simply provide a glimpse of how this transformation works, rather, the dial is designed to proudly display the micro rotor, which captures the power of the movements and transforms them into energy. The visibility of this mechanism is made possible thanks to an innovative concept of transmission for the rotor, which remains smaller in size than the diameter of the going barrel. Available in four colourways that represent the four elements: FIRE, EARTH, WATER and AIR. The ARMIN STROM Gravity boasts the same exceptional level of finishing that has contributed to the reputation of the brand and of its eponymous founder. This is a timepiece that will appeal to connoisseurs of fine watchmaking wishing to celebrate the movement in all its forms.

Gravity Date

The same four familiar variants inspired by the elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – and the same familiar case. But the space at 9 o’clock hitherto reserved for the complications of small seconds or tourbillon is now taken over by an easily-readable counter that displays the date by hand, as well as a separate time zone displayed in hours and minutes on the same axis and a day/night scale for ease of use. The functions are powered by Armin Strom’s new ADD14 self-winding calibre, which has a micro rotor visible at 1 o’clock through the open-worked dial and offers five days of autonomy.


The Manual collection, equipped with the hand-decorated AMW11 caliber, has a split-level dial that adds a sense of depth. This limited edition comes in four element versions – earth, water, air and fire.

One Week Skeleton

Fitted with the first manual rewind caliber fully produced within the manufacture, the ARM09, this skeleton collection equipped with a power reserve comes in four different versions mirroring the four elements, and provides a breath-taking view of its differential gearings.


The Racing Collection is updated for 2014 with two new calibres that contain genuine parts from a Formula 1 engine, thanks to the brand’s partnership with the Marussia Formula 1 team. The movement bridges are made from parts of an original Formula 1 engine block, while the two-tone look of the case comes from a combination of brushed titanium and black PVD-coated steel.

The Edge collection

With a slightly larger case diameter and bold movement architecture, the Edge collection brings an altogether edgier side to the Armin Strom watch portfolio.


The Manufacture joins the highly exclusive club of horologers that develop and produce their own tourbillon movements. The tourbillon of the new ATC11 calibre is distinguished by a lever worked in 18ct white gold and an assembly that places the balance wheel and seconds pinion on the same axis. A hallmark of the Tourbillon Collection is the exposed, intricate inner mechanics. The brand has promoted modern forms of skeletonising, with designs integrated from the early stages of the calibre before being entirely crafted by hand in the Manufacture. Based on the elements FIRE, EARTH, WATER and AIR present the brand’s aesthetic genius and pays testament to the Manufacture’s full spectrum of watchmaking skills.

Tourbillon Gravity

Armin Strom’s Tourbillon Gravity Collection had a blazing launch with the Fire model presented ahead of the three other elemental models familiar from the brand’s core collections. While the tourbillon visible at 9 o’clock within the off-centre dial compensates for the effects of gravity on the watch’s operation, the micro-rotor of the ATM13 calibre, which is visible from the dial side, harnesses the same forces in order to power the watch. After the Fire model in 18-carat pink gold, the collection is now completed with the Air (titanium), Water (stainless steel) and Earth (stainless steel with black PVD coating) models.

Tourbillon Skeleton

This collection combines the legacy of the brand's founder, skeletonisation, with the ultimate in watchmaking complications, the tourbillon.


Armin Strom origins

Founded by the eponymous watchmaker Armin Strom in the 1960s - and in Burgdorf, a city in the canton of Bern, Switzerland - the company’s specialist history echoes the originality of its watches. Strom unveiled his first masterpiece in 1981 - a gold pocket watch with a detailed, hand-engraved movement, and which set the tone for the loving attention to detail that defines the brand’s watches today. Now synonymous with skeleton watches and which coolly sets it apart from other brands, Armin Strom is currently run by owner Serge Michel and director Claude Greisler.

The art of skeletonisation

Unlike other brands, Armin Strom has a unique selling point: perfecting the skeleton watch. Its designs range from the super sophisticated - such as the One Week Skeleton or Mirrored Force Resonance – to the more minimalist Pure pieces. The collection notably centres around the four elements of earth, fire, air and water, all produced as limited edition models. An Armin Strom configurator for personalised parts also offers the ultimate in bespoke.

Armin Strom Gravity Earth

Launched at Baselworld 2013, the Gravity collection was its first automatic movement with a micro rotor. Again the elements are a focus, with Gravity Fire combining rose gold on a brown alligator strap, while the sleek Gravity Water in steel boasts a navy alligator strap and Geneva stripe engraving. In a limited edition of 100 pieces for each element, the watches are powered by the calbre AMR13 with a single going barrel.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance

The “resonance” in this watch model refers to the mechanical resonance of two oscillators and the tour de force of getting the two oscillators synced will help enhance precision (long important for brands, perfecting precision is particularly trendy lately). The manual winding watch features two symmetrically mirrored regulators that stabilise one another through a resonance clutch spring.

Edge Double Barrel

Another piece that will be envy of mechanical-focused watch brands is the sporty Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel. As the name suggests, its manual winding ARM16 calibre is equipped with a double going barrel. A 46.8mm rose gold model or the cool, steel-on-PVD-black Max Chilton Edition Edge Double Barrel, which pays homage to the British Indy car racer, are particularly standout.

Armin Strom tourbillon designs

The tourbillon is the natural playground for a mechanics-obsessed brand like Armin Strom, and many of its lines push the boundaries of the beloved mechanism. Its Tourbillon Skeleton range features a double going barrel and 10-day power reserve, with the Fire watches in rose gold particularly eye-catching (those not keen on the skeleton style can also opt for the simple Tourbillon model). The tourbillon also finds its way into Armin Strom’s Gravity range, here with a 110h power reserve and limited to an edition of 50 pieces.

Pure player

When Armin Strom created his first gold pocket watch in 1981, particular attention was paid to engraving the movement. That continues to be a key signature (making it one of the most exciting brands out there), though such decoration is by no means necessary. And to that end, Armin Strom introduced its Pure line - a cleaner range for horological purists. Falling into the Pure Skeleton line, the manual winding, double going barrel watch has a fully skeletonised main plate, gear train bridges and barrel bridges, plus eight day power reserve - and like all the Armin Strom families, the Pure line comes in the four elements, ranging from the stylish steel Skeleton Pure Water in steel, its blue sapphire dial ring matching the blue alligator leather strap, to the rose gold Skeleton Pure Fire on a brown alligator strap.