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Unique, customisable, free-spirited and independent, Norqain watches are designed in Nidau (Biel) and celebrate life in a journey where beautiful watchmaking meets adventure.


Norqain is an independent and 100% family-owned Swiss watchmaking company based in Nidau, near Biel. It is there, in the heart of the Swiss watch industry, that the brand designs and develops exclusively mechanical timepieces of high quality that are customisable and available in a thoughtful price position. 

Norqain was born out of the shared passion between seasoned entrepreneurs, wishing to combine their experiences to create a unique, original and Swiss Made brand. Three collections embody the brand’s values: Freedom, Adventure and Independence—three names that unambiguously evoke the ability for Norqain watches to follow each collector in his or her daily life. 

Norqain is managed by the Küffer family. The father, Marc Küffer, is Chairman of the Board of Directors, to whom he brings 45 years of watchmaking experience. His son Ben is the founder and CEO of Norqain. Ted Schneider, of the family that owned Breitling for almost 40 years, and Mark Streit, Swiss ice hockey legend, are also members of the management and the board of directors. 

On the movement side, Norqain has developed an exclusive collaboration with the Kenissi manufactory (Tudor, Chanel, Breitling, etc.) from which two exclusive Norqain calibres were born and which today equip its collections - a strategic orientation that embodies its desire for independence as much as its care for Swiss Made watchmaking quality. 


Creation of the brand Norqain by a team 100% family-based and independent
Official introduction of the first collections, immediately distributed in more than 80 points of sale around the world
Strategic partnership with the Kenissi manufacture for two exclusive Norqain calibre movements
January - Mark Streit signs a partnership with the NHLPA (NHLA Players’ Association) and announces the launch of a Special Edition watch for November

Norqain’s genes are contained in the spirit of its founders: an experienced, family-owned, independent team of entrepreneurs attentive to the needs of contemporary collectors. 

Norqain is a brand that is fundamentally open to the current of its time, in tune with the need to reinterpret the essence of Swiss Made mechanical watchmaking: authentic timepieces, designed to be worn every day, for discerning collectors. The Norqain collections reflect a niche spirit, embodied by the Norqainers, the brand’s ambassadors chosen for their boldness and daring. 

Anti-conformist, the brand cultivates its independence and is committed to discovery, adventure and the expression of its freedom and uniqueness. In this respect, several elements of Norqain watches can be personalised, such as certain elements of the dial, the case and even the movement (oscillating weight). Between 1 and 5 bracelets are available per watch, for both men and women, reflecting Norqain’s philosophy of selling not just one watch, but the watch—the only, unique, authentic one, that will suit the personality of each collector.