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Inspired by performance, precision and mechanical prowess, Purnell’s philosophy of bringing more future than past to watchmaking. Each timepiece distinguishes itself by having a tourbillon movement. Purnell takes this complication to a level of technical and aesthetic mastery that has never been seen before.


The tourbillon is one of the most prized complications for Haute Horlogerie collectors, but no watchmakers have focused on them exclusively – until now. Purnell is currently the only company in the world to have risen to this particular challenge. Founded in Switzerland at the turn of the new millennium, Purnell’s approach to Haute Horlogerie is driven by a desire to exalt the tourbillon, not only as an escapement that guarantees perfect isochronism, but as a complication that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is technically fascinating.

In its endeavour to scale new heights, Purnell has developed a unique area of expertise: the high-speed triple-axis tourbillon, the Spherion. By joining forces with Eric Coudray, master watchmaker and Gaia Prize laureate, Purnell ushered in a new era for the tourbillon by positioning it face up on the dial, where it performs three different rotations around three axes at three different speeds. Purnell is unapologetically future-facing, and its timepieces, particularly their tourbillon cages, embody a disruptive, colourful and innovative aesthetic. Never in its 200 years has the tourbillon known such upheaval.

January – Launch of the Escape II, featuring the world’s fastest triple axis tourbillon. Developed by Master watchmaker Eric Coudray and called a Spherion.
April – Launch of the Escape II Treasure, presenting the first diamond paved Spherion cages, resulting in a swirling dance of diamonds on the wrist.
Spring – Showroom Opening in Geneva, at the prestigious Rue du Rhône.

Purnell is the world’s first watchmaking company to dedicate itself 100% to the tourbillon, but it has never espoused the reverentially respectful treatment familiar from other brands. From its earliest days, the brand’s direction has been clear: to bring the tourbillon (an invention patented in 1801) into the 21st century.

Purnell relies on more than 200 years of watchmaking research and development, but also on over 15 years of its own work, which has led to the creation of 13 manufacture tourbillon calibres. With this unique technical background, the company is in a position to offer a resolutely contemporary – futuristic, even – approach to the tourbillon.

This complete reinvention is aesthetic as well as technical. Technically, Purnell has improved upon the original tourbillon concept, with its single axis and rotation speed, elevating it to three axes, each rotating at a different speed. As well as being a technical masterpiece of watchmaking ingenuity and miniaturisation, the Purnell triple axis tourbillon is also the world’s fastest. While the majority of tourbillons revolve over a period of 60 seconds, the axes of the Purnell Spherion tourbillon have a rotation of 8, 16 and 30 seconds. This technical feat is matched by an aesthetic approach that is totally unique in watchmaking, complementing the enhanced precision with a hypnotic aesthetic charm that is a signature of the house.


Escape II Treasure

The Escape II Treasure collection represents a unique alliance between Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie. Above and beyond the technical and aesthetic prowess of the high-speed double triaxial tourbillon, Purnell has achieved a unique feat using an exclusive micro-setting technique, which allows each arm of the tourbillon cage to be paved with gems. This tour de force means that the Escape II Treasure can offer different stunning variations of precious stones to match the bezel or the dial.

Escape II

The Escape II collection represents the pinnacle of Purnell’s tourbillon achievements, the timepiece is animated by a rapid rotation triple-axis double tourbillon – a world first. The Escape II collection comes in several different variations – all of them limited series – that make the most of the aerial lightness of the movement and the hypnotic three-dimensional ballet of each tourbillon.

Escape Primo

The Escape Primo Collection is Purnell’s second collection, presented in 2021 with the new caliber P11 featuring a single Spherion and a power reserve indicator. Escape Primo features the world’s fastest triple axis tourbillon with a rotation of its Spherion in 8 seconds, 16 seconds & 30 seconds. Featured in a thinner 48mm case compared to the Escape II models, the Escape Primo comes in a variety of colorways and materials.

Escape Medusa

Presented for the first time in 2022, the Escape Medusa shows Purnell’s in-house flying tourbillon, rotating in 30 seconds, housed in a perfectly round crystal sphere weighing only 0.2486gr. A tourbillon floating in a bubble, the illusion is a visual masterpiece, reminiscent of the eerie beauty of jellyfish. Hence the collection name Escape Medusa, the perfect example of the brand’s signature hyper horology.

Escape Skull

Purnell’s Escape Skull Cactus Green is the artistic interpretation of “memento mori”, the Latin expression dating back to the Greco-Roman era that the brand cherishes: a reminder of our humanity and to enjoy the present. The Caliber P10, Purnell’s in-house flying tourbillon first introduced in 2021, takes on the form of a skull, crafted and polished out of cactus green anodized titanium. The skull, composed of two polished identical “faces”, weighs only 0.32gr and makes a full rotation in 30 seconds thanks to the flying tourbillon beating inside.

Escape Legend Ballon d’OrTM Limited Editions

Created in honor of its partnership with France Football and the Ballon d’OrTM, Purnell unveiled the Escape Legend Ballon d’OrTM Limited Edition. football and fine watchmaking team up in each piece, with an impressive 48mm diameter case inspired by the lines of Purnell’s Escape II model. The cage of the tourbillon takes on the shape of a football, crafted in 18K rose gold and weighing 4.14gr, making a complete rotation in 30 seconds. The connection with the world of football is also evident in the crown which is surmounted by a hemispherical cabochon which also evokes a ball.

Escape AS Monaco Limited Edition

Unveiled in honor of its partnership as Official Timekeeper with football club AS Monaco, Purnell presents two limited editions of 11 pieces—to match the number of players on the Pitch. The Purnell x AS Monaco timepiece features a completely new take on the “football tourbillon” created just a year before by Purnell. This iteration shows a football made of 24 hexagons of tinted rock—12 in AS Monaco red and 12 that are transparent. Overall, the rotating football weighs only 1.12 grams, making a full rotation in 30 seconds.

Escape II Readymade Limited Edition

Designed in collaboration with READYMADE, Purnell presents three ultra-limited editions, limited to 5 pieces each. Reworking vintage military gear into a high-fashion watch, the Escape II Readymade Limited Edition presents the World’s first bicolor Spherion tourbillons combination (neon orange & green), a sapphire dial with a 47 different meticulously hand-painted rainbow minute track & 12 diamond indexes. The Strap is made of Original Vintage military WWII fabric, upcycled as is READYMADE’s ethos.