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Editorial - A Different Time

Editorial A Different Time

Forget the news, try something new!

I don’t mean that literally. Don’t forget the news. Stay updated and stay safe, WorldTempus family. However, if you (like many of us) feel saturated with gloomy predictions and cataclysmic data projections, there’s a solution coming up in the week right before you.

March is still our month of experimentation and change, and it’s true that we’ve had quite a lot of this already. Here at WorldTempus, we continue bringing you the watch stories you want to read, but we’re now doing this from home. Many of you may also be reading this at home, practicing good hygiene and social distancing. We’re right there with you, connected through the windows of digital media. 

While you’re reducing your time spent outdoors and trying to think of ways to occupy your time, here’s something new you can do without breaking any virus-related regulations. Imagine yourself trying — not just a new watch, but a new kind of watch. 

If you’ve always been a traditional men’s timepiece kind of person, how do you feel about adding a little sparkle to your watch? Look out for Olivier Müller’s midweek article about gem-set watches for gentlemen. Let’s not forget that wearing gemstones wasn’t always a feminine thing. Not so long ago, it was men who were wearing the most elaborate jewellery as symbols of their prestige and power. These were men who ruled countries, conquered distant lands, spawned dynasties. What they wore signified what authority they had. Why not bring back a little taste of that?

At the end of the week, our own Roberta Naas looks at the watches that transition seamlessly between masculine and feminine wrists. Women have been wearing men’s watches for a long time — why should they have all the options and all the fun while men have to stick to their category? Guys, it’s your turn now.

I’ve said in the past few weeks that these challenging times require us more than ever to keep our energy and optimism up. Our partner brands are stepping up with incredible creations to lift our spirits. Be sure to check out De Bethune’s beautiful new version of the DB25 Starry Varius (designed for both men and women!), MB&F’s startling new Horological Machine which you may have seen being teased on their Instagram account, Montblanc exercising their successful touch with neo-vintage designs once again and Maurice Lacroix’s sporty new offering in a material you’ll love.  

At least for a few minutes a day, you can forget the news and just enjoy something new.