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20th Anniversary
Editorial - A New Start

Editorial A New Start

Who else can’t wait to get on with 2021?

We’re officially in 2021, WorldTempus family. I hope you all had a wonderful, restful and above all safe holiday season and that we find you in January no diminished from how we left you in December. Who’s ready to get things started? Is this the year you get that watch you’ve been eyeing for years, as an exuberant expression of carpe diem? Is this the year you take the plunge and join that local watch appreciation group you’ve been following on social media? I want to hear all your resolutions, and what’s more I want to know how WorldTempus can be a part of them. 

As the celebrated Scottish poet Robert Burns once wrote, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.” The poetry of Burns is characterised by his liberal use of the local dialect, so for those who aren’t fluent in Scottish vernacular, this line essentially means, in plain English, “the careful plans of creatures small (mouse) and great (man) often end up going awry.” I am happy to share with you, if you didn’t already know, that the editor in chief of WorldTempus is neither mouse nor man. Based on this hyper-technical reading of one line in an 18th-century Scots poem, let’s stridently hope that 2021 for WorldTempus turns out to be a year that goes entirely to plan and not in any way awry.

Did I mention this already? (Probably about 50,000 times already, interjects my reliably sarcastic colleague Jordy Bellido, but we don’t have to listen to him right now.) It’s our 20th anniversary this year! We begin our birthday festivities with a smorgasbord of great content looking back on the last two decades of watchmaking — something you already know we’ve been working on, if you’ve followed our support in the creation of the Millennium Watch Book. In addition to sharing your horological resolutions with us, I also invite you also to send us your best experiences and stories related to WorldTempus over the years, because we have some special rewards planned for the very best stories we receive.

A New Start

The Millennium Watch Book © WorldTempus/Joy Corthésy

For all you ladies out there with cherished plans of your own for 2021, we have something to help you bring all your projects in on time and under budget. A Frédérique Constant Classics Ladies Quartz is our January giveaway, and I just know it’s going to give one of you the perfect start to the year. Actually, I said it was for ladies, but there’s absolutely no reason why a discreetly elegant steel timepiece shouldn’t suit a masculine wrist equally well. Sure, the 36mm diameter is a little smaller than current tastes dictate, but 36mm was standard for the kind of watch your (great-)grandfather would have worn, amongst other members of those we now call the Greatest Generation. We could all learn a few things from the people who lived through both world wars and the Great Depression, and if you believe that dressing the part helps you play the part, then bring on the 36mm watches!

Happy New Year, WorldTempus family. May 2021 fulfil all the finest promises of 2020 and more.

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