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Editorial - A New Year, A New You...?

Editorial A New Year, A New You...?

What’s on everyone’s mind in the first days of 2020.

Going purely on the lines of cold, hard rationale, there is no reason why we should make resolutions at this particular time of year instead of literally any other time. If you’ve decided to change, to try something new, to improve yourself in one way or another, there’s no reason to wait for the new year. If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing now, is what I mean.

I get the whole symbolic weight of turning over a new page in the new year, but here’s the thing — symbolic commitments are easier to break because people think their significance is also symbolic. Added to that is the cultural acceptance and memetic humour associated with spectacularly failing to abide by one’s resolutions. At this point in time, New Year’s resolutions are pretty much just weak opportunities to fend off the tsunami of shame that comes with being hungover on January 1. Let’s see how many of those gym memberships, obtained online through a fog of ethanol toxicity and optimism, actually end up being used.

(More than once I’ve been accused of ruining everyone’s perfectly nice time by being over-logical, and — my God — writing these paragraphs has really made me hyper-aware of this.)

That said, let’s talk about the commitments and values we’re truly aiming to strengthen at WorldTempus.

First of all, we will focus our attention on watches that we genuinely appreciate. Honestly, life’s too short to waste on things that don’t bring us pleasure, especially when those things in question are supposed to be luxury objects. Dedicating your time to unpleasant or uninteresting subjects can be constructive and useful when it comes to addressing the world’s problems — these are things that need to be faced head on. 

Fine watchmaking is meant to enhance your enjoyment of life, to help you have a good time (as it were). And at least for me, the definition of having a good time does not involve making people feel bad about an expensive timepiece.  That’s not to say that criticism doesn’t have its place, but there is positive criticism, which aids growth, and then there is negative criticism, which I personally have no patience with. 

Secondly, we will always bring value to you with our stories and articles, whether that value comes from being the first to receive the most important news of the day, learning something about a watch that isn’t generally known elsewhere, or hearing from people whose perspectives bring new insights.

We’ve always done these things, but WorldTempus in 2020 will revolve more and more closely around these core resolutions. You’ll have to let us know if we’re keeping these resolutions, readers. Write in, leave a comment, be the “world” in WorldTempus!