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Editorial - On your bike!

Editorial On your bike!

The Watch Photo Awards demand creativity on two wheels or four for the August round of the competition.

After blue, sport and holidays comes the theme “on two or four wheels” for the fourth month of the Watch Photo Awards, with the chance to win a weekend for two at Geneva’s prestigious Ritz Carlton Hôtel de la Paix if your photo is chosen as a finalist by the judges and goes on to get the most votes from the public on social media.

I found the wording for this month’s competition, which starts on Switzerland’s national holiday on Wednesday, particularly pleasing. It would have been too easy to restrict the theme to the cliché of cars, even though they go so well with watches. But partnerships by brands such as Anonimo and Cvstos have shown that watches also have their appeal for motorbike racers. The trend for “style rides” across Switzerland, in which people dress up in their finest clothes to tour the country’s biggest cities on retro bicycles, also offers an original setting for photos. The possibilities for this month’s competition are therefore huge, and I expect to see a lot of creativity. Rather than being limited by a particular type of watch (blue, sporty or otherwise), budding photographers have the chance to show any of their prized mechanical possessions in a different setting.

For the even more creative, the “two or four wheels” has deliberately been left open to interpretation. Skateboarders and micro-scooter riders may, for example, be tempted to show us some stunts. Watch-mad monopod riders and eccentric unicyclists will, however, be disappointed, as will owners of Reliant Robins and Morgan Three Wheelers. But we can safely assume that they are in the minority. I hope to be able to submit my strongest entry yet, since I will be touring Scotland in a Landrover Defender at the end of the month. The combination of such an iconic vehicle with breath-taking scenery should be difficult to beat. All I have to do now is decide which watch to wear.

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