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Reuge - SwissKubik by Reuge

Reuge SwissKubik by Reuge

A story of two Swiss companies that are passionate about mechanics.

One is a recognised custodian of all mechanical watches, from the most simple to the most complicated. It keeps the heart of the watch movement beating thanks to a precious small cube of 10 x 10cm that houses cutting-edge technology. 

The other produces mechanical music boxes that can be as complicated as grand complication watch. They are housed in precious cases who creativity is limited only by the collector's tastes.

What happens when the custodian of mechanical watches meets the creator of mechanical music boxes? When SwissKubiK meets Reuge, imagination gets mechanical.

The two companies have brought together their know-how to produce a box that can hold two mechanical watches and a mechanical music box movement. On each side of the box there is a watch winding motor powered by SwissKubiK's motor that does not generate any magnetic field. Between the two is a fabulous mechanical music box mechanism created by  Reuge.

There are two different versions. The first, a limited edition of 100, is a reference to traditional Swiss values and its leather case is covered in Swiss emblems. It plays the Swiss national anthem. The second is also a limited edition of 100 but with a more trendy melody of Smoke on the Water.


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