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Only Watch 2021 - In His Own Words: Luc Pettavino Opens Only Watch 2021

Only Watch 2021 In His Own Words: Luc Pettavino Opens Only Watch 2021

Today is the official launch of Only Watch 2021 with over 50 brands taking part. We leave it to Luc Pettavino to bring you the opening message, which will be published in the summer issue of GMT XXL and is presented here in advance for the enjoyment of WorldTempus readers

ONLY WATCH life is XXL life. Everything is bigger than usual: the altruistic momentum, the quality of the unique pieces created and gifted by the watchmakers, the generosity of the partners and donors, the scope of the therapeutic possibilities afforded by the funds generated.

Speaking of research, what have scientists accomplished thanks to ONLY WATCH? They have been able to dive into the heart of cells in order to accelerate the knowledge of genetic diseases; to highlight and understand the dysfunctions they involve; to initiate the lengthy correction process; and to advance with patience and determination towards therapies thanks to the pioneering techniques they have learned and developed… All with the reasonable hope of changing the lives of thousands of young people and families. Today, they have reached the promising stage of preparation for a first clinical trial. We have come a long way since the first edition of ONLY WATCH in 2005. And the road ahead will doubtless be full of pitfalls and unforeseen events. Nonetheless, for the time being it must be said that things are moving ahead in great leaps and bounds.

Avec ses propres mots : Luc Pettavino inaugure Only Watch 2021

Luc Pettavino © Only Watch

Finally, let's bear in mind that the knowledge generated goes far beyond genetic diseases, in fact contributing to a better understanding of other diseases that affect millions of people around the world.

Let us remain humble, grateful, focused and joyfully determined. We will see what life has in store for our benevolent daring. The 2021 edition of ONLY WATCH once again promises to be exceptional, along the lines of 2019. More than 50 watch brands have worked with enthusiasm, good humor and remarkable creative intelligence. ONLY WATCH brings the better side in all of us, the one prepared to trust, to lower defenses, to set aside our personal ego, to appreciate the dynamics of a group of women and men climbing together and with a smile towards the highest, most beautiful summits.

Thank you all & see you on 6 November 2021 for an action-packed auction!

In the meantime, check the website today at 3pm (Swiss time) to discover the participating brands.