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Golay Spierer - New partner

Golay Spierer New partner

WorldTempus is happy to welcome Golay Spierer as a new partner.

For almost twenty years - the brand was founded in 2001 - Golay Spierer has been working on the custom-made niche and offering its customers original unique pieces. The first piece came out of the Golay Spierer workshop in Carouge, Geneva, in November 2001 and since more than 150 unique watches have been delivered to the clients who had ordered them.

The name Golay is not unknown in the world of watchmaking. Christophe Golay, the co-founder with Emile Spierer of the eponymous brand, has for ancestors Jacques David Golay, a watchmaker from the Vallée de Joux who settled in Geneva in 1829, and Auguste Golay, co-founder of the Golay-Leresche company in 1837, which took the name of Golay Fils & Stahl at the end of the 19th century. The company rubbed shoulders with Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin among the big names of Geneva watchmaking.

Developing unique custom-made pieces involves a close collaboration between the client and the manufacturer. Golay Spierer’s art of custom-made rests on three stages: firstly, Golay Spierer meets the client in order to establish together the characteristics of the desired watch; this path to creation which can last several weeks and afterwards the production of the watch begins. Golay Spierer works with a network of more than twenty partners - craftsmen, artists and technicians - who will turn the customer’s dream into a unique piece. Eventually, the final assembly is carried out in Golay Spierer workshop in Carouge, where the watch will be handed over to its owner.

New partner

La Salles © Golay Spierer

True to its motto "Time to measure", Golay Spierer creates unique pieces combining respect for heritage, history and craftsmanship with innovation and creativity. The range of achievements goes from simple pieces in the purest Geneva tradition, like La Seguin, to complicated timepieces such as La Michael, a chronograph and full calendar watch in yellow gold, with gold guilloché dial. Golay Spierer offers an overview of their creations on their website.

New partner

La Seguin et La Michael © Golay Spierer

 The WorldTempus team is delighted to welcome Golay Spierer on board as a brand partner.


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Golay Spierer offers its varied clientele unique tailor-made pieces as a way to express its passion for watchmaking. This link created between craftsmen, artists, technicians and clients - and developed through the art of tailor-made watches - brings an emotional content to timepieces whose soul will last ad vitam æternam.

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