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Pierre DeRoche - The brand celebrates its 10th birthday!

Pierre DeRoche The brand celebrates its 10th birthday!

Baselworld 2014 : With the Grande Complication pocket watch as a one-of-a-kind edition and an iconic revisited collection, Pierre DeRoche is celebrating its tenth anniversary by affirming its respect for tradition. A look at the Reynold and TNT Royal Retro models.

Ten years! Almost nothing by comparison with the multiple decades under the belts of certain companies. Almost nothing and yet so much for a brand like Pierre DeRoche. Ten years is an anniversary that Pierre and Carole Dubois, the founders of the company, could not allow to slip by without marking the milestone.

“We have come a long way in ten years” emphasises CEO, Pierre Dubois. “We started with a clean slate, as if at the foot of a mountain, with everything that needed to be done ahead of us. Ten years later, we have a 60-page catalogue and 14 exclusive developments. That’s a lot!”.


There were thus plenty of good reasons to end the decade – or start the next one – with an exceptional model capitalising on the know-how acquired by the brand. It is named after the CEO’s grandfather, who was himself a watchmaker. And not just any watchmaker, since he learnt his trade from Jacques-David LeCoultre in the 1920s, where he organised and managed the Manufacture workshops at Le Sentier prior to being sent to Milan and then Paris. While nothing happens by chance, fate nonetheless lent a helping hand in the creation of the unique Reynold pocket watch.

“Three or four years ago, I had the opportunity of buying a lot of LeCoultre movements,” says Pierre Dubois. “When I saw them, I thought they were amazing. Amongst them was the crème de la crème, in the shape of a movement dating from the 1920s, in its original condition yet completely exceptional.”

This authentic mechanical gem is a lovingly restored Grande Complication movement combining hour, quarter and minute repeaters, a chronograph with a 30-minute counter,  a perpetual calendar and moon phases on a very beautiful enamel dial set with two emeralds.


Pierre DeRoche Dos de la Reynold


TNT Royal Retro

In the more classic section of the current collection, this year Pierre DeRoche also revisits one of its basics with a TNT Royal Retro now appearing in a 43 mm diameter, meaning 4 mm less than the original version.
“When we launched this line five years ago, our main market was Russia,” emphasises Pierre Dubois. On the one hand, in order to highlight the movement, the model had to be big. On the other hand, our clients wanted something powerful and slightly showy. Hence the 47mm diameter. It was a great success but with this diameter, selling it in Asia was very difficult.”

With this new, “more consensual model” the six retrograde seconds hands continue to stage a remarkable show. A spectacular ballet of hands that even the smallest wrists can now adopt. But watch out – there will only be 201 of them available!


Pierre DeRoche Royal Retro



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The cornerstone of a Pierre DeRoche watch is its movement. Heir to a watchmaking tradition based on complications, the brand develops timepieces focusing on mechanics, accuracy and technical prowess.

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