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Meccaniche Veloci - Trade-In Program

Meccaniche Veloci Trade-In Program

Meccaniche Veloci's Trade-In Program is available on the updated website, which now incorporates a section dedicated to re-purchasing its watches produced between 2006 and 2015.

Through this innovative project, Meccaniche Veloci will value and trade-in watches from previous collections by offsetting the value of the pre-owned watch against the price of the a new model. The Trade-In Program creates continuity between the past collections and the actual models.

“With this program, we are talking to our customers and reassuring them of the value of their timepiece, encouraging them to purchase a new model”, says Cesare Cerrito, CEO of Meccaniche Veloci.  “The new collections, which retain the unmistakable design that has always characterized our watches, have been significantly developed in various ways. Today all components are exclusively made in Switzerland, including the strap and the buckle. Furthermore, we only use calibres developed internally and produced at La Chaux-de-Fonds. These factors mean that Meccaniche Veloci is now a high-end contemporary watch brand. I feel a personal responsibility towards customers who choose to invest in one of our watches in the past, and part of this responsibility is to guarantee the value and quality of the timepieces they purchased. That is why we have decided to reward all our clients through this trade-in program. Meccaniche Veloci is the first watch brand in the world directly repurchasing pre-owned models”, 

To launch the new project the company has expanded and updated its website with the addition of a section containing an archive of over 300 models produced between 2006 and 2015. By selecting the model they own, customers can discover in real time the trade-in value offered by Meccaniche Veloci when they purchase a new watch.

Trade-In Program

The archive is extremely comprehensive and offers a journey back in time through the history of Meccaniche Veloci. If the desired model does not feature among those illustrated, the website has a function whereby it is possible to upload a picture of your Meccaniche Veloci timepiece and receive a valuation.

Since 2006, Meccaniche Veloci has been producing watches with a distinct, unmistakable aesthetic, featuring a piston-shaped case, 4 dials and inexhaustible passion originating from the world of engines. In 2016 the company moved to Switzerland and the brand became Meccaniche Veloci - Genève. Its essence remained unchanged, but a new “engine” was developed for the timepiece with the manufacture calibre MV8802, a unique movement capable of handling the brand's characteristic four time zones simultaneously. Production is concentrated on the Icon and QuattroValvole models. This marked a new direction for the Meccaniche Veloci, which has now joined the ranks of 100% Swiss Made independent high-end watchmaking brands.


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