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Watchmaking marketing - New advertising campaigns

Watchmaking marketing New advertising campaigns

Classic or original, inventive or more predictable, advertising campaigns tell us a lot about brand philosophy. We crack the codes behind some of them.

Baume & Mercier or the watch celebrating life’s most meaningful moments

Advertising aim: This is a very elegant advertising campaign in black & white directed by Peter Lindbergh. Under the watchful eye of the photographer, the important phases in life tick away like as many watches to be collected. The celebration of getting engaged, an anniversary, the magical moment of a birth or a Christmas evening: a multitude of milestones that Peter Lindbergh captures through sensitive, emotion-filled images. 
The official message: “Life is about moments”, Baume & Mercier’s leitmotif signature, enters the territory of celebration. Watches are “gifts which contain feelings” claims the brand, which offers to be the precious witness to the exceptional moments composing a life time.
The bottom line: It’s hard not to succumb to the identification that the advertising campaign suggests. The characters are good-looking, they seem happy, life smiles on them. All the more so because they are receiving a Baume & Mercier watch as a gift. One must admit that it’s a tempting scenario…


Baume & Mercier - Life is about moments


Chanel or the watch of the moment in hand

The advertising aim: This is a series of 15 black & white visuals in which a Chanel timepiece is placed alongside a woman – or a man – whose legs, arms or entire body posture exactly replicate the position of the hands of the watch. This gently thumbs the nose at the traditional 10:10 position of watch hands in store windows, infused with just the right dose of transgressive insolence magnificently captured by fashion photographer, Patrick Demarchelier.
The official message: Nicholas Beau, international director of Chanel Horlorgerie sums it up in these words: “Time is the tension between past and future and we wanted to express Chanel’s vision of time through its watches: it is the present which is precious. When you talk about watches you talk about the passing of time, but Chanel represents the current moment, the here and now, the fact of enjoying the moment.”
The bottom line: A look, a silhouette, a unique style… Chanel reminds us of its role as a trend guru and imposes a vision of time and luxury to which one cannot but adhere. Hands up and head bowed …


Chanel -  L'Instant Chanel


TAG Heuer or the watch that helps people surpass themselves

The advertising aim: The superb Don’t Crack Under Pressure campaign combines a film and a series of black & white visuals staging the idea of surpassing oneself and the mental strength of the personalities portrayed. Chosen for their exceptional careers and emotional strength, Christiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, Steve McQueen and Patrick Dempsey, all emblematic brand figures, are powerfully present in the visuals. The video ticks off a litany of challenges and performances that are in theory impossible. A film and a slogan which pay tribute to the TAG Heuer 1990s advertising campaign and which brilliantly illustrates the company’s mind-set.
The official message: Robustness, reliability, performance, precision, surpassing oneself… such are the underyling messages delivered by the slogan “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”, which amongst other things indicates a return to its roots by the brand.
The bottom line: In theory, the average person cracks under too much pressure. But viewing these adrenalin-charged images naturally helps one feel pumped up to take on challenges of any size. With a TAG Heuer on the wrist?


Ronaldo - Dont crack under pressure


DeWitt or the watch for great men

The advertising aim: The product is the star of this campaign which reinterprets the noble origins of its founder. The Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon Prestige and the ladies’ Alma watch stand out on a black background in contrast to the famous imperial silhouette stylised in a disinctly modern way. Jérôme de Witt is a direct descendant of Napoleon, King Jérôme of Westphalia and King Leopold II of Belgium. A prestigious pedigree which, ever since DeWitt’s launch, underpins the brand image and communications.
The official message: The baseline: “For the New Emperors” sums up the quintessence of the brand, incorporating nobility, creativity, family passion and excellence.
The bottom line: A DeWitt watch is not made for just anyone. The brand targets fans of exceptional objects, women and men in search of rarity and authenticity. There may be an emperor or empress slumbering in each one of us…


DeWitt - For The New Emperors


Piaget or the watch for perfectionists

The advertising aim: A film and several ultra-graphic visuals invite us to discover Piaget’s watch and jewellery creations in fascinating, emblematic locations shot all over the world. Produced by artist Maud Rémy-Lonvis under the aegis of BETC Luxe, the campaign is called “Perfection in Life”. “The new Piaget campaign is the result of extensive research into the brand identity” emphasises Philippe Léopold-Metzger, CEO of Piaget. It revisits the origins of the brand and its rich personality in order to develop a new and innovative communication approach that is different and which is a true reflection of the sophisticated way of life that Piaget promotes.”
The official message: Between the lines of the images of the firmament, which plays a central role in the campaign, Piaget tells its own story. The blue sky embodies the ongoing quest for perfection, while the night sky is reminiscent of the mystery and magic of the Piaget world.
The bottom line: Precious materials, sophistication, innovation, creativity, elegance and tradition… whatever the exotic location, no matter what language is spoken, and at any time of day or night, Piaget clearly masters the codes of excellence.


Piaget-  Perfection in life

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