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Armin Strom  - Gravity Equal Force

Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force

The motto is continuous innovation, which may be inspired by the most surprising encounters

All things equal 

Innovation is nothing new to Armin Strom. For founders Serge Michel and Claude Greisler, it has always been a founding principle for their independent brand to consistently present something new in each of their watches, pushing the boundaries of traditional mechanical watchmaking. Initially introduced in 2019, the Gravity Equal Force by Armin Strom marked a turning point for the independent brand : an innovative redesign of the standard going barrel, in a smaller case size and at a more accessible price point, as well as the beginning of the new System 78 collection. The watch now comes in an 18K rose gold case, slightly more expensive than the original entry-level stainless-steel version, yet still embodying the spirit of reinvention in an affordable model.

Leading the way

Armin Strom watches have always been technical marvels that show the boundless potential of a research and development department free from traditional constraints. The motto is continuous innovation, which may be inspired by the most surprising encounters.

Before diving into why the Gravity Equal Force movement is truly avant-garde, it’s important to know how Armin Strom got there. When an American client brought a vintage pocket watch to the brand to repair, the watchmakers observed upon closer inspection that the its barrel and winding mechanism were built differently from standard going barrels we know today. Looking at this technique that was more common in earlier watches, Armin Strom decided it could be updated for modern use so as to serve the client even better. 


Gravity Equal Force © Armin Strom


When constructing a mechanical movement, it is crucial to ensure a stable amount of energy to power the caliber. While standard going barrel systems have been the norm in mechanical movements for a long time, this “equal force” system developed by Armin Strom ensures just as much accuracy while conserving energy.

The brand’s watchmakers worked on a stopwork declutch mechanism that, combined with the automatic winding system’s rotation of the mainspring barrel (down to 9 from the possible 12.5 turns), works to deliver consistent power to the balance. While a typical mainspring barrel rotates around an arbor, causing more friction and therefore needing more energy, the Armin Strom motor barrel design stays locked after winding, which allows the arbor to rotate using a more consistent flow of energy. Transmitting equal force to the balance makes the overall mechanism more consistent, ensuring a 72-hour power reserve thanks to the equilibrium from the stop-work declutch system. 


Gravity Equal Force (Stainless steel) © Armin Strom


The Gravity Equal Force, along with rethinking traditional going barrel systems, features a fresh design featuring a touch of industrialism. With its 41mm case that is arguably thin by Armin Strom’s standards, the watch is the smallest diameter ever presented by the brand. 

The dial for the hour and minutes is positioned to the left, with a seconds subdial between 6 and 9 o’clock. Opposite this subdial are three bridges with exposed screws, a design directly inspired by the original vintage pocket watch, with the movement’s wheels visible underneath. While the stainless-steel version featured a blue dial on a gray or salmon background or a black dial with a gray or black background, Armin Strom has enriched the System 78 collection with an 18K rose gold model. The case is crafted from this warm precious metal, as are the bridges as well as the beautifully finished hour, minute and seconds hands – all of which strikes a perfect contrast with the black dial and background. The rose gold brings a chic quality to the mechanical design that is sure to appeal to collectors with classic sensibilities.


Gravity Equal Force (18K Rose gold) © Armin Strom


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The ARMIN STROM manufacture expresses the very substance of its founder’s legacy. Its guiding principle is that of reinterpreting watchmaking tradition. To this end, it applies the principle of making movements visible and decorating them at every stage of their design and production.

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