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Doxa - Team Test: WorldTempus X Doxa

Doxa Team Test: WorldTempus X Doxa

The Doxa Sub collection takes the water in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Here is what our journalists thought about these different diving watch models

Jordy Bellido

What joy to have a colourful trio of watches join us for some fun in Saint-Tropez! A little trip with the SUB 200 C-Graph Aquamarine (turquoise), the SUB 300T Professional (orange), and the SUB 600T Divingstar (yellow) took us across the waters of Saint-Tropez in search of a cove to take a dip. With their water-resistance of 200, 300, and 600 metres respectively, diving to the depths would have also been possible, but we enjoyed a little swimming instead. It was a pleasure to play around in the salt waters of the Mediterranean with the stainless-steel Doxas and their bright dials, which brought a touch of colour to a landscape where everything is enhanced by the light of the sun. Whether you prefer a stainless-steel bracelet or a rubber strap, comfort was assured across the board. 

Team Test: WorldTempus X Doxa

SUB 300T Professional (orange) © Sébastien Aubord/WorldTempus


Marie de Pimodan

The ultra-vitamin shades of the Doxa SUB 600T immediately caught my eye. This is perhaps because I grew up in the ‘80s, with the orange walls and the coloured Formica furniture of my childhood home! I loved this ‘80s-inspired diving watch with its clean angular lines, punctuated by an off-centred crown at four o’clock. This new edition has everything it needs to keep up with the times. Not being a diver myself, I was content with a little swimming in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez with this yellow timepiece on my wrist. There was no need to go down to a depth of 600 metres to appreciate its legibility or the colour of its rubber strap and dial named “Divingstar yellow”. Both under the water and on land, it is definitely noticeable. On the practical side, its unidirectional steel bezel calculates dive time without decompression stops and it is extremely easy to handle. Functionality and design come together in this particularly comfortable, reliable, and high-performance icon, not forgetting the colourful vibe it brings to the wrist for a fun and joyful summer. 

Team Test: WorldTempus X Doxa

SUB 300T Professional (orange) © Sébastien Aubord/WorldTempus

Sophie Furley

When I think of Doxa, the first colours that come to mind are the highly visible orange, turquoise, and yellow, which are fantastic for diving, but perhaps a little more complicated to match with your everyday wardrobe. This year, Doxa has unveiled a whole host of timepieces in white for the summer. When Doxa sent us a box of horological goodies for our trip to Saint Tropez, I was delighted to find the SUB 200 Whitepearl just waiting for me! With its legible dial, unidirectional rotating bezel, 200-metre water resistance and comfortable rubber strap, this is a timepiece that was made for holidaying, whether you are diving in the Mediterranean or going for an evening stroll along the port of Saint-Tropez.

Team Test: WorldTempus X Doxa

SUB 200 C-Graph Aquamarine (turquoise) © Sébastien Aubord/WorldTempus

Caitlyn Fish

I can’t think of any better way to enjoy summer than by wearing a piece from the Doxa SUB collection. Every color is bold and eye-catching, but the turquoise stood out to me the most. Pairing the right watch with your outfit can be extremely fun, but not always easy with such unique colors. Sometimes you want something sleek and classic that doesn’t distract from your outfit, and sometimes you want the exact opposite. Personally, I am all about statement pieces, so I love how much this piece stands out, both on your wrist and underwater. It’s the perfect timepiece to accompany you while cliff diving into the ocean, at least that’s what we did!

Suzanne Wong

I’m not really into anything that even remotely resembles sporting activity. The closest I get is probably football — and I mean as a spectator, on a comfortable sofa with a large-screen TV, and the most exertion I make involves reaching for beer and snacks. My team know this extremely well, and I suspect they take great amusement in getting me to review sports watches. That said, I can definitely form an opinion on whether or not a sports watch is any good, through pure technical analysis. Let’s talk about visibility. Any watch used in the capacity of an instrument (which is to say you have to be able to rely on it) needs to be highly readable. Orange is one of the most eye-catching hues you can have over water, and you can determine this just by looking at a colour wheel. Anything from dark blue to sort of greeny-greyish water, orange provides the strongest contrast. The orange dial on this watch therefore makes it really easy for your eyes to quickly pick it out. Underwater, colours tend to lose their saturation, so the important part here is luminous hands and indications in bold shapes. Slim baton markers and hands may look elegant and all, but they won’t be much use in reading the time when you’re 1,200m below sea level. That’s not a random figure; the DOXA SUB 300T Professional really is rated to that depth. On the aesthetic side of things, the mixed style of bracelet links is a great balance between robustness and vintage watch design. Would I wear this watch? I’m not about to pass myself off as a diver, and this is a diver’s watch, after all — but I do know a lot of people (actual divers) whom I’d love to put this watch on. 


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DOXA was founded in 1889 by an independent Swiss entrepreneur, Georges Ducommun. Based in Biel/Bienne, in the heart of the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, the brand has always offered technical watches with thoughtful pricing. Established in its first years (1905), creative (8-day calibre dedicated to automotive), DOXA also distinguished themselves from the competition with their designs (the Grafic watch, 1957).

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