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Editorial  - A Declaration of True Love

Editorial A Declaration of True Love

Out with the “10 Best Watches for Valentine’s Day” article and in with a new kind of horological love.

Over the last few days, I have received various emails from watch brands asking me if I would be writing an article for Valentine’s Day. For some reason, the idea of writing yet another story about pretty red and pink watches for February 14th filled me with journalistic dread. Don’t get me wrong, if my husband offered me any of the Valentine’s watches photographed below, I would be ecstatic, but to shake things up this year, I have decided to take another angle. So instead of focusing on the timepieces this year, I have asked a few industry friends to share their love for watchmaking. A Valentine’s Day card to the industry, if you like. Because if there is one thing that we do here at WorldTempus, it is LOVE watches. 

Une déclaration d'amour véritable

ArtyA Purity Tourbillon Chameleon © ArtyA

Yvan Arpa, ArtyA


I have admired your curves since my childhood
I have often dreamed that you voluptuously embrace my wrist
But there were so many choices
That I ended up sculpting you in my image
Wild, authentic, rebellious but respectful
So many emotions over time by your side
You measure time in such a complex but wonderful way
I never get tired of thinking about you
And without your presence, would life still have a meaning? 

Eternal Cosmic Love 

Max Büsser, MB&F 

Timepieces are the reflection of the men and women who created and crafted them. The object itself is only the by-product – what makes me fall in love every time are the stories and the courage of the creators behind them. 

Une déclaration d'amour véritable

MB&F X Bulgari LM Flying T Allegra © MB&F

David Chokron, WorldTempus Contributor 

They're fickle and beautiful. Diverse and ever changing. Mostly reliable and, yes, sometimes bland. Boombastic or understated. Watches encompass such a wide spectrum of colours, materials, shapes and designs that the effect they have on me is akin to, dare I say it, love. Have you ever coveted a timepiece? Felt butterflies in your stomach when seeing one for the first time? Admired one? Laughed because of one? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you know what I mean. It's not just the technical achievement, if you're into that sort of thing. It's more than the value they have or the status they offer. It's the message that keeps me on my toes: timekeeping is endless, watch creation is evergreen, there will always be plenty more where timepieces come from. I will never get bored; they will never age and they're all about giving. Aren't those profoundly lovable, reassuring and admirable traits of character? 

Kristian Haagen, watch expert

Happy Valentine’s Day to my much-more-than-a-timepiece.

You’re handsome, perfectly sized and hotter than most.

The places you have been. The things you have seen. The life you have lived. With another man.

I know. But I am so OK with that as well. Because now you’re mine. Now I am your man.

Everything about you makes me happy.

Holy crap, I have lucked out here.

A lot of people like to say they’ve found their dream watch. But I’m the one who’s right about it!

Just thinking about you as I sign this card makes me feel mushy inside.

My “with you” times are the best part of any day. Nights too. You give me a warm and happy feeling every time we’re together.

Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? Let me tell you…

You’re everything I ever dreamed of in a watch.

I knew you were special when I put you on my wrist. But day after day, night after night, you out-special yourself.

You make my heart tick an extra tock when I look at you.

I’m so proud to introduce you to EVERYONE.

WOW, I’m glad you’re mine. You’re the best watch ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Rolex Double Red Sea-Dweller from 1972 with that oh-so-stunning

chocolate-coloured tropical dial. Let’s always be together.

A Declaration of True Love

Double Red Sea-Dweller 1972 © Rolex

Alon Ben Joseph, Ace Jewellers

Dear Horology, 

I have been admiring you from a far since 1979. I caught the love bug the first moment I laid my eyes on you. Your gentle sweeping hands mesmerized me. I tried. I tried very hard. I can’t shake the feeling. I am in love. I really tried to find an antidote. I have tried other passions, hobbies and art forms. You are the one. I don’t want any other. Will you be mine? Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Yours Forever, Alon.

Marine Lemonnier, 289 Consulting

Watches have a true soul. I like that they are not disposable goods, like so many things that we own today. There is this very intimate relationship between a watch and its wearer. There is a harmony between the two. To Love your watch, wear it, and trust it; it’s a feeling that moves me every morning. 

Une déclaration d'amour véritable

Polo Bear 38mm Ralph & Ricky © Ralph Lauren

Olivier Müller, WorldTempus Contributor

I count down every minute with the one who shares my days – my timepiece – reminding me of the time that passes. But why does it tick away? For us to live in the present, and build the future. 

I tried to tempt my wife with the guilty pleasures of fine watchmaking, vacillating between sharing the force of my passion and a feeble attempt at conversation. 

It was futile, she remains resolutely uninterested in these mechanical trivialities with her smartwatch firmly strapped to her wrist. Her notifications don’t work, the battery is slowly dying, but this hideous plastic object (that can’t even be recycled) has an amazing property – a discreet vibrating alarm that wakes her up, but allows me to sleep. I have since understood that in some strange way, her timepiece and its ability to let me continue by dreams is a form of love. 

The most beautiful Valentine’s Day watch has no hands, no dial, it is an intention, a purpose, a daily proof of love. Even if it is made of plastic and isn’t very smart! 

Walter Ribaga, Cyrus

I have been living in the watchmaking world for over 40 years and it was love at first glance. It is always fascinating to see how a movement, a 'micro-engine', can be powerful and deliver exceptional performance that can always be improved. Mechanics blends with design and in the last two decades we have seen many exceptional timepieces featuring unconventional aesthetics. Watchmaking is an ever-evolving art, there is still much to invent and innovate, much to preserve with respect to this centuries-old art. Wearing unique, exclusive and original watches will always thrill me! 

Une déclaration d'amour véritable

Klepsys DICE Racing © Cyrus

Stéphane Waser, Maurice Lacroix

Your beauty and mechanics make you irresistible. You are my loyal companion, close to me, always with me and braving any weather conditions and adventures. I can trust you, you give me reliable information and never let me down. Aikon, I love you!

A Declaration of True Love

Aikon © Maurice Lacroix


Julien Tornare, Zenith

I do love watches as they represent one of the most magical concept: TIME

Time is so important in our Mankind and influence all of us so much, is part of our lives from day one until the last day.

I also love quality mechanical watches as they are eternal and transmit always some emotion, passion and relating to special moments of life.

Denis Hayoun

When I was a child, I would take my father's Zenith into my room. It had a rounded square case with a brushed metal finish. I would spend hours admiring it from every angle. Later, my father bought a Rolex with a blue dial. The joy on his face the day he received it will stay with me forever. I like the idea of passing watches on and wearing objects that remind you of the people you love or have loved.

Love is definitely in the air this week. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us, why not share your love for watchmaking with us too, and we will include your words in our declaration of love to watches! 

Lecture 1 Comment(s)

10 March 2023
Alon Ben Joseph
Love the initiative. Thank you for asking me to be part of it. THe price of best love letter goes to my buddy Kristian ;)

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