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Editorial  - How to Choose the Perfect Intern

Editorial How to Choose the Perfect Intern

From interview techniques to the culture of luxury, the lunchtime conversation that had us laughing, arguing, and racking our brains for the capital of Honduras

Lunchtime in the WorldTempus office is always an animated affair as we sit down with our colleagues to discuss the watch world and beyond. This week was particularly high-spirited as our Fine Watch Club Secretary General, Jean-Christophe Teigner, had been interviewing for a new intern all morning. He had a new technique and it was obviously not going to plan. 

His new strategy was to quiz candidates on their cultural knowledge. What is the capital of Portugal, name a renaissance painter, and quote a poet? We all looked on in horror (while internally and desperately searching for the answers). 

The consensus from the lunchtime crowd was of pure terror as we put ourselves in these poor candidates’ shoes and reminisced about our worst interview experiences. To be honest, I am not sure any of us would have passed the test. 

He argued that luxury is rooted in culture and to truly appreciate luxury, and therefore watchmaking, you need to have an understanding of the arts, craftsmanship, and culture, quoting LVMH’s president Bernard Arnault, who recently said that Louis Vuitton did not sell fashion or handbags – it sold culture.

How to Choose the Perfect Intern

Chronomètre FB 3SPC © Ferdinand Berthoud

He reminded us of some of the incredible timepieces we had had the opportunity to write about recently. Chanel’s brand-new Mademoiselle Privé Pique Aiguilles, with its mix of horological expertise and haute couture, was discussed vividly, as was Vacheron Constantin’s Tribute to Great Civilizations, not to mention the respect of tradition upheld by the maison Ferdinand Berthoud. Maybe he did have a point.

How to Choose the Perfect Intern

Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Lace Motif Watch, Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Tweed Motif Watch, Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Quilted Motif Watch, Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Pearls Motif Watch, Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Embroidery Motif Watch © Chanel

Can you truly understand a fine timepiece if you don’t understand the work that has gone into creating it – the centuries of horological history behind it, the months/years contemplating the construction of its movement, the weeks finishing the inner and outer angles of its components, the intricate assembly of its dial, the delicate positioning of its hairspring, and even the love that goes into the fabrication of its strap? 

How to Choose the Perfect Intern

Tribute to Great Civilizations © Vacheron Constantin

This brought us around to our own jobs and roles at WorldTempus, GMT magazine, and the Fine Watch Club to share this passion and knowledge with our respective audiences each day. It was certainly a deep conversation for a Monday lunchtime…until our colleague Marie de Pimodan suddenly challenged Jean-Christophe for the capital of Honduras! 

All hell let loose…he did not know the answer! I think our future intern candidates are now safe, but if you do have an interview with us, maybe have a quick look over the world map, you never know!

Lecture 2 Comment(s)

31 January 2023
matthieu Moser
Quel bel beau recit ! hate de vous revoir tres bientÔT.
30 January 2023
Henri Comte
Tant qu il existera des recruteurs aussi nuls, avec leur mentalite franco franCaise on avancera pas beaucoup. Et tout Cela pour un stagiaire Parce que l on veut economiser un maximum.

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