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Editorial - It is Time for New Beginnings

Editorial It is Time for New Beginnings

WorldTempus celebrates the arrival of Spring

This evening at exactly 22h24 and 24 seconds (CET), the sun, on its trajectory around the Earth, will cross the celestial equator. For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, we will enter into the season of new beginnings, i.e. Spring. Even if it is still a little early to pack up all your winter clothes, here is an eclectic selection of timepieces – with very different personalities – to allow you to get into Springtime spirit without catching a cold!

The non-conformist watch

The non-conformist watch does not fit nicely into a box. It is a free-spirited sort of timepiece that prefers to dance to the beat of its own drum.  ArtyA’s Amazonia Chameleon Green – and most of ArtyA’s other models for that matter – prefer to do their own thing, which is wonderfully refreshing.  This particular model stands out from the crowd by incorporating a tiny bit of the jungle on the wrist. Its dial is made from Amazonian leaves and butterfly wings that have somehow captured the South American sunshine to warm you on a Spring day. Add to this a case that is made from colour-changing nano-sapphire – a specialty from the brand – and a bright green leather strap and you will feel that winter is definitely behind you. 

L’heure du renouveau a sonné !

Amazonia Chameleon Green © ArtyA

The innocent watch

The innocent watch is delicate, soft, pure, and perhaps a little shy, as it doesn’t scream for attention, but catches the eye nonetheless. A perfect example is Beauregard’s Lili Candy with its colourful circular dial representing a lollipop that evokes the innocence of childhood. This exquisite colourful sweetness is perfect for a spring morning as the birds start to sing and the soft oranges and pinks of dawn brighten the sky above us. Enhanced by a bezel set with 150 diamonds, the Lili Candy faithfully reproduces the brilliance of the sunlight that sparkles off the water after the ice has finally melted.

L’heure du renouveau a sonné !

Lili Candy © Beauregard

The sophisticated watch

The sophisticated watch is refined and complex; it knows how to put itself forward and leaves no one indifferent. The GNS1.2 from Genus embodies this character to perfection. Its unique personality is reflected in its innovative way of reading the time. Where the hours circle the dial, the tens-of-minutes display truly stands out with its leading Genus (that’s the head of the snake if you like) and its 11 Genera (‘genera’ being the plural of ‘genus’) that progress radially along the eight-shaped orbital path, like a kinetic sculpture. Following a sophisticated dance routine, this procession, composed of different coloured stones, is a true ode to spring and the awakening of nature, with hours that seem to be carried by the wind and dozens of colourful minutes that dance to the rhythm of the sun. 

L’heure du renouveau a sonné !

GNS1.2 © Genus

The poetic watch

The poetic watch is dreamy. It never fails to surprise us, even if it isn’t always immediately understood. The Lady Arpels Floral Hours by Van Cleef & Arpels represents poetry par excellence. Although its mechanical system of reading the hours with blooming flowers is complex, and it takes more than a moment to figure out, the result is incredible. It is an artist after all and is made up of a myriad of métiers d’art, such as miniature painting, gem-setting, sculpture, engraving and guilloche. The Lady Arpels Floral Hours synthesizes a multitude of skills to best represent the return of spring. It is much more than a simple watch; it is a true living painting of the arrival of Spring. 

L’heure du renouveau a sonné !

Lady Arpels Heures Florales © Van Cleef & Arpels/Clément Rousset

So, the season of renewal is finally here. Don’t forget to dress your wrist accordingly, especially when you are strolling around Geneva during Watches and Wonders. Only seven days to go now, and with a little luck this good weather will stay with us for the upcoming horological extravaganza!

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20 March 2023
Liah M.
Rien ne pouvait me faire plus plaisir que cette première phrase! MERCi Jordy d'avoir ensoLeillé ma journée!
20 March 2023
Bonjour, Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire. Il nous fait chaud au coeur. Happy to help! Et bon printemps !

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