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Editorial - The WorldTempus Selections

Editorial The WorldTempus Selections

Presenting a new recurring watch guide…

If you’re reading this, you probably like watches. You’ve either subscribed to our watch newsletter and are reading this directly from your inbox, or you’re actually on our site, excitedly pursuing the latest news in the watch world. If you like watches, you either have a collection of your own, or you’re hoping to start one someday. If you’re in the latter category, we’re coming out with a recurring article series that is just for you.

Every season (and also on special occasions), we pick out five watches from the current year’s new releases to fulfil the essential assortment of watch styles that will fit any purpose. We identified these five most commonly worn types of watches through rigorous scientific methods — in other words, by texting a bunch of people on WhatsApp and seeing who responded. 

Classic: Most people wear this as an everyday piece; it’s discreet and elegant. Say “Swiss watch” to 90 percent of people out there and they’ll probably think of a watch that fits in this category. It works well for a day at the office or for any regular evening plans that don’t involve bow ties and uncomfortable shoes. 

Modern: Watchmaking design has evolved in the new millennium, and this watch is a prime example of the time we live in. This isn’t a watch you’d see on everyone’s wrist, because to be honest, most of us aren’t as modern-thinking as we like to think we are. This watch is more than a sign of the times, it’s a reminder for us to keep looking forwards.

Retro/Vintage: There’s fun in nostalgia. Being human, we’re all attached to the past in some way (see above paragraph), and people enjoy taking walks down memory lane, they enjoy the emotional resonance of wearing a watch that looks very much like something their grandparents would have worn. 

Formal: This is the one you break out when your boss gives you tickets to that charity ball (your boss can’t make it, being away in St-Tropez with an Instagram influencer). Maybe it’s got diamonds on it. It might be the watch that boutiques will only show you if you ask. It’s the watch that makes shallow people want to be friends with you. 

Sports: I feel like this category speaks for itself. You wear this when you’re involved in activities that involve taking some knocks. Or, if you’re like me, you wear it all the time because you’re lazy and don’t feel like changing your watch. There’s something hilariously ironic about being too lazy to wear anything else but a sports watch. But I’m ok with that. A strong capacity for self-deprecation is always a good thing. 

We’re not saying you have to get them all, especially since we’re planning to make quite a few of these selections each year. But if you’re looking for a classic watch to wear every day, or a vintage-styled watch to supplement your budding collection, our recommendations might be of interest to you.

Our first selection comes out on Thursday, and it’s an off-season selection — a special selection that’s taken only from the Only Watch 2021 offerings. This is clearly going to be a hypothetical exercise, unless you’re some kind of 21st-century Croesus with a penchant for pièce unique watches (in which case please call us directly, we have much to discuss). Tune in tomorrow and in the weeks to come!